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Fully Vaccinated account for a shocking 73% of all Covid-19 Deaths across New Zealand since the beginning of the Pandemic in March 2020 – The Expose

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Shocking statistics recently published by the New Zealand Ministry of Health reveal that the vaccinated population in New Zealand account for 73% of all Covid-19 deaths that have occurred in the country since March 2020 up to the 21st April 2022.

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The New Zealand Ministry of Health (NZ MoH) have been publishing a daily ‘Covid-19: Case Demographics‘ report since August 2021, and in it they confirm the number of Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations by vaccination status. However, as of around mid-March 2022 they have also finally included the number of Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status.

Here is the table taken from the 22nd April report showing the number of cases and hospitalisations by vaccination status across New Zealand between 16th August 2021 and 21st April 2022 –

And here is the table showing the number of Covid-19 deaths by vaccination status across New Zealand since the very start of the pandemic. The first death was recorded on 29th March 2020 –

We’re slightly confused as to why they have combined the double jabbed and booster jabbed deaths for the 0 to 59 age category with the excuse that this is due to low numbers. Forty-one deaths seems an awful lot more than the 27 deaths they were able to reveal occurred in fully vaccinated 60 to 69-year-olds. What are they trying to hide here? Are all of these deaths among triple vaccinated young adults?

The first table above reveals that since 16th August up to 21st April 2022, the not-vaccinated population accounted for 21% of Covid-19 cases, and 26% of Covid-19 hospitalisations. Meaning the vaccinated population accounted for 79% of Covid-19 cases and 74% of Covid-19 hospitalisations.

But the second table reveals something much worse. Now the NZ MoH does not make it very clear what date parameter they have used for the deaths provided, but a simple look at ‘Our World in Data’ reveals since the start of the pandemic in March 2022 there have been 610 Covid-19 deaths in New Zealand as of 21st April 2022.

Therefore, what this data reveals is that since the very beginning of the pandemic, the unvaccinated have only accounted for 23% of all of the Covid-19 deaths that have occurred, whilst the vaccinated population have accounted for 73% of all of the Covid-19 deaths; at least 60% of which were among the triple vaccinated.

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