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Kristoffer Torbjørn Bæk’s research reveals the vaccinated in Denmark account for more cases, hospitalisations and deaths than the unvaccinated and have done all year.

Now that vaccination statuses are stable enough that the tomfoolery of misclassification no longer meddles with the analysis, we can see a clear picture of the ineffectiveness of the Covid vaccine, Joel Smalley commented.

In this article, Joel Smalley summarised and commented on Danish data collated and made publicly available by Danish molecular biologist Kristoffer Torbjørn Bæk

Bæk has also co-authored a pre-print study published on medRxiv, ‘Estimates of excess mortality for the five Nordic countries during the Covid-19 pandemic 2020-2021’, comparing Nordic all-cause deaths using “other estimates” to a recent study in the Lancet, “which is a clear outlier” and “most likely substantially overestimates excess deaths of Finland and Denmark, and probably Sweden.”

“Other estimates are more consistent and suggest a range of total Nordic excess deaths of approximately half of that in the Lancet study,” the authors of the study wrote.

by Joel Smalley

In the last reported week (14, 2022), triple-vaccinated (green below) are more infected on a pro-rata basis than double-vaccinated (blue), who in turn are more infected than unvaccinated (orange), across all age groups.

In fact, it has been this way for the whole of 2022 for the over 20s.

It turns out the data is distorted by the testing rates. Who knew?! When that is taken into account, the positivity rates per vaccination status are pretty much identical across all ages over 20.

It appears like the vaccine is having a positive benefit on hospitalisation in terms of pro-rata data. However, it isn’t clear whether Covid is the reason for the hospitalisation or incidental. Nevertheless, it is evidently the vaccinated that are clogging up the hospitals looking at the absolute numbers. I wonder if Jeremy Vine has an opinion on this?

It’s the same picture for deaths as it was for hospitalisations. The burning question, of course – would it have been worse if it weren’t for the vaccine??

I don’t think so. Covid deaths (orange below) have gotten progressively worse each season since the vaccine was rolled out and yet still have little additional impact over a regular flu. Worse still, it is apparent that all-cause mortality (light blue) is substantially higher (and in excess) since mass vaccination with much of that death not being attributed to Covid itself.

It’s almost like a pattern we’ve seen literally everywhere else in the world… The vaccine has no impact whatsoever on transmission, severe disease or death but all-cause mortality is substantially worse in the post-vax era.

Denmark’s Pandemic of the Vaccinated

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