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Weather Modification in Worcestershire and Smelly Chemtrails Over Exmoor – The Expose

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A reader from rural Worcestershire writes that in an area that has little air traffic there is a “sky full of contrails.”  When this happens it seems to change the weather from what was forecast.

Another reader witnessed and smelt chemtrails released over Exmoor National Park.  He wants the UK government to inform the public who it is that permits our air space to be used by people to spray us with toxic materials.

To The Exposé,

Weather Modification

Today I walked the dog early, around 6 am, and there were clear blue skies above. The weather forecast says it is getting hotter towards the weekend, today is Wednesday, 15 June 2022.  By 7.30 plane “contrails” had left permanent spreading “contrail” clouds.

This happened about 3 weeks ago and the weather went from a good forecast to clouds, rain and cooler temperatures for the time of year.

There is no doubt that the powers that be are manipulating the weather and I have photos to back my claim.

I live in rural Worcestershire where there is very little overfly and yet I have a sky full of “contrails.” Ironically and not surprisingly this is a heavily farmed county and I expect much lower crop yields because sunshine is constantly reduced by their actions.

Yet another conspiracy fact unfolding.

Keep up the good work.

Yours sincerely,

C. Williams, Worcestershire, England

To The Exposé,

Chemtrails over Exmoor Thursday, 16 June 2022

Can you please confirm these are what some people are calling chemtrails?

I have taken a video this morning, 16 June 2022, just after 9 am of a handheld 360 degrees over our beautiful part of Exmoor, one of the UK’s finest National Parks.*

Exmoor National Park, 9 am, 16 June 2022

What on earth are they doing? It’s clear to see several planes in the video spraying something into the air. I daily see aeroplanes flying over from Bristol or Exeter on their journeys to Ireland or the USA and their trails are disappearing after a few seconds.

These trails this morning appear to be ‘growing’ widening and forming into a “mat,” like they are spreading and merging together to form a blanket over the sky.  I notice a slight smell after a while, not a pleasant one but not that obnoxious either, the sky goes a dirty colour then clouds seem to form and all looks very “wrong.”

I took some video yesterday which was similar trails over Exmoor in the distance but after 3 hours we had dark horrible clouds passing over like someone had painted the sky but got the mix in the paints wrong.

Surely these are not right?

All the best,

Rod, England

[The Exposé received a second email from Rod two hours later]

Following my horror at what I saw in the skies over Exmoor at 9 am. I went outside at 11 am as I was feeling a lot colder and took another video.

I have put it together to make one video with the first 59 seconds from 9 am and the rest from 11 am which shows me why they are trying to achieve a ‘block out’ of the sun.

Exmoor National Park, 9 am and 11 am, 16 June 2022

It is so sad they do not honestly engage with us the public about this and even go as far as to deny it happens.

I would like to know from the UK government who gives permission for our air space to be used by the people spraying us with toxic materials?

All the best,

Rod, England

*Note from The Exposé: 71% of Exmoor National Park is in Somerset and 29% in Devon.  Several areas within the Exmoor National Park have been declared Sites of Special Scientific Interest (“SSSI”) due to their flora and fauna. In addition to the Exmoor Coastal Heaths SSSI, two other areas are specifically designated: the Dunkery Beacon and the Holnicote and Horner Water Nature Conservation Review sites in North Exmoor; and, the Chains Geological Conservation Review site.

The Chains site is nationally important for its south-western lowland heath communities and transitions from ancient woodland through upland heath to blanket mire. The site is also of importance for its breeding bird communities, its large population of the nationally rare heath fritillary, an exceptional woodland lichen flora and its palynological interest of deep peat on the Chains.

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Letter to the Editor: Weather Modification in Worcestershire and Smelly Chemtrails Over Exmoor

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