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The majority of the testing for Covid infection has been performed using what is called a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test in which a person’s nose or sometimes throat is swabbed for evidence of viral genetic material. The inventor of this test stated that no clinical infection can be diagnosed using the PCR test alone. Yet the CDC used this test to imply that tens of millions of Americans were infected with Covid-19.

By Russell L. Blaylock, 8 December 2021

Are The New Waves of Infection Real? Is Testing for Covid-19 Accurate?

We have now learned that the test does not identify the whole virus, just a segment. In addition, many other viruses, bacteria, and even some things that are not microorganisms at all can yield a positive test. For instance, the president of Tanzania secretly had a sheep, a goat, and pawpaw (a type of fruit) tested using PCR by his health department. The goat and the pawpaw both tested positive.

Recently, the CDC announced that the PCR test would no longer be used because they discovered that it cross-reacts with the influenza virus, meaning virtually all influenza infections in the last flu season could have been diagnosed as Covid-19. This explains why there were only a few hundred flu cases reported in the entire U.S. this past season — a number unprecedented in modern times. (The CDC claims that each year there are about 30,000 deaths from the flu and over 300,000 hospital admissions).

Cycles of the PCR test are run to amplify its sensitivity, and it is known that doing more than 30 cycles increases the likelihood of the test being falsely positive. Yet the CDC recommended that all labs perform 40 or more cycles, which would have meant that around 97% of positive tests were, in fact, negative. That is, the person tested most likely did not have a Covid infection.

Combined with the lack of specificity of the PCR test, fear-mongering by the media and the CDC greatly exaggerated the impact of the first wave of the Covid outbreak. The same is almost certainly true with the new Delta variant. Virologists emphasise that the more people who are vaccinated, the more variants will appear. However, while the variants are more contagious, they are less harmful. This is the nature of virus mutations.

Who Are the Superspreaders of The Virus?

In fact, based on the observation that the vaccinated have very high titers of virus in their nasopharynx, according to mRNA technology developer Dr. Robert Malone, it is the vaccinated who are more likely to spread the new variant, as they remain asymptomatic longer than an unvaccinated person. Viral titers (concentrations) were found to be very high in the noses of vaccinated as well as infected unvaccinated people. If the “vaccine” worked, they should have found none or extremely small amounts of the virus.

The average age of death from Covid-19 is around 75 years (95% occurred over age 65 years). Moreover, the highest death rate among vaccinated people is in the same age group — the very ones the vaccines are supposed to protect.

The most egregious form of this fear-mongering is to imply that the Delta variant infections are all in the unvaccinated. This is not true. A study in Scotland, for example, found that 87% of Delta variant cases occurred in the fully vaccinated. Similar findings were reported in the United Kingdom and Israel. Moreover, a recent report released by the CDC found that 74% of the cases in a Cape Cod, Massachusetts cluster were among vaccinated individuals. Most of these people were reported to have the Delta variant.

What Are the True Numbers?

The vaccines for Covid-19 stand to make more money for their developers than any other vaccines at any time in history. Those same companies also wield enormous financial power and influence in the media, medical journals, medical societies (such as the American Medical Association), hospitals, research institutions, and government bureaucracies (such as the National Institutes of Health [NIH]). Moreover, of course, they donate vast sums to elected officials.

We are witnessing an unprecedented attack on free speech directed at anyone who challenges pro-vaccine propaganda, including virologists, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, and pulmonologists. Dr. Michael Yeadon, ex-chief science officer for Pfizer; a whistle-blower from Moderna; Dr. Robert Malone, the developer of the mRNA vaccine technique; and other highly qualified scientists have been banned from social media and the mainstream news outlets for speaking out. Why? Because they might convince people that these vaccines are dangerous and that they should be halted immediately.

There is growing evidence that government agencies are hiding the true number seriously injured and killed by these vaccines. A lawsuit has been filed in Alabama federal court by attorney Thomas Renz based on the sworn testimony of a government whistle-blower. This person testified under oath that, according to actual government records from the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 45,000 people have died after getting the vaccine.

This refers to data from just one government system reporting to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The real number of dead could be much higher.

Recall that at the height of the “pandemic,” about 50% of all deaths occurred in nursing homes and that government officials in several states had deliberately placed infected patients in these high-risk facilities.

Where are the highest rates of vaccine-related deaths now occurring? Nursing homes and among the elderly — the very ones we are supposed to be protecting. In some places, nursing home death rates secondary to the vaccines (most of which occur within 2 days of being vaccinated) equal or exceed the rate of deaths caused by the virus itself. Some nursing homes have reported vaccine-related death rates of 30% or higher. The vaccines were meant to protect the most vulnerable, but now those individuals are the ones dying and being injured by the vaccine itself.


Russell Blaylock, a retired American neurosurgeon, wrote the above in an extensive paper, Covid-19 pandemic: What is the truth?’, published on 8 December 2021 in the Surgical Neurological International journal.  We are republishing sections, more easily digestible portions, of his article as a series of articles titled ‘Covid Pandemic Truths’. 

This article is the fifth in our series and covers the sections in Blaylocks’s paper as subtitled above.  You can find the first article in this series HERE.

Although we have not included them, Blaylock’s article is well referenced. 

Read Blaylock’s full article – Russell L. Blaylock. Covid-19 pandemic: What is the truth?. 08-Dec-2021;12:59. – by following this LINK.

Covid Pandemic Truths: Vaccinated People Are the Spreaders of New Variants

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