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Chemtrails Seen Over Anglesey on The Same Day as Exmoor – The Expose

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On the same day one of our readers reported chemtrails over Exmoor, another reader saw trails over Anglesey.  “I have lived in Anglesey for 25 years and never noticed these chemtrails here before,” he wrote, “it seems that some kind of coordinated operation was being conducted over several areas of the UK on 15-16th June.”

To The Exposé,

16 June 2022: Chemtrails Over Anglesey, North Wales

I was shocked to see what appeared to be classic chemtrails in the skies over Anglesey on 16th June from 9:12 am (as shown in the attached representative photos from a set of photos and videos).

Anglesey, Wales, 16 June 2022

Anglesey, Wales, 16 June 2022

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The trails were made by a group of 8-9 planes clearly on some group mission as they crossed paths and some veered south-east towards Snowdonia National Park. After watching them for some time, I also became aware of a chemical-type smell in the air, and gradually the sky became hazy and a continuous cloud cover was established.

Later, I was shocked, again, to read in The Exposé about other UK readers reporting chemtrails on 15th and 16th June, including in Exmoor, and the presence of a smell in the air. The video of Exmoor shows that we are witnessing the same activity at approximately the same time on the same day.

Regular airline traffic heading to Liverpool or Manchester airports on 16th June left trails that were short and dissipated quickly (contrails), in comparison to those left by the group of chemtrail planes.

I also saw chemtrails again over another part of Anglesey on the morning of 17th June.

I have lived in Anglesey for 25 years and never noticed these chemtrails here before. I am very familiar with the frequent flights of RAF Texan planes and fighter jets which were noticeably absent during the periods that I saw the chemtrail planes flying over.

It seems that some kind of coordinated operation was being conducted over several areas of the UK on 15-16th June. What is the aim of this? With all the denial around chemtrails, it is difficult to believe this is something beneficial.

Anglesey and Snowdonia have many Sites of Special Scientific Interest, National Nature Reserves and internationally protected Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas for birds.

Are these low human population areas being used as some kind of testing ground?


Bob, Anglesey, Wales

Note from Rhoda Wilson: Firstly, let me apologise for the length of this note but nature and wildlife are close to my heart and I simply cannot stay silent.  Both deserve care and protection because of their inherent value and worth so I appreciate you bearing with me while I have a little rant.

Law & Your Environment’s website provides a simple guide to environmental law. Its website states that the responsibility for nature conservation within the government rests with the relevant Government Ministries. They are advised and supported by their statutory agencies namely Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

To keep this note as brief as possible let’s narrow our sights on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (“SSSIs”).  SSSIs form a national network of sites which also underpin sites designated to meet international obligations. All national nature reserves are also notified as SSSIs.  SSSI status means owners must manage the site appropriately to conserve its special features.

“If you live near a nature reserve or intend to visit one …[you] have a responsibility to respect and take an active interest in caring for the wildlife and the habitats that are hosted by the nature reserve.”

National designated sites: nature reserves, Law & Your Environment

If you have the “responsibility” then surely you also have the “right” to take an active interest especially if you’re concerned an offence is being committed.  Is a nature or wildlife offence being committed?

One of the threats to nature and wildlife Law & Your Environment lists is pollution.  The website has sections for air pollution, land pollution and water pollution.  The most obvious offence being committed by those releasing chemtrails is air pollution.

“Air pollution can be defined as dirty air which damages human health, plant and animal life or property. The World Health Organisation defines air pollution as ‘substances put into the air by the activity of mankind into concentration sufficient to cause harmful effects to health, property, crop yield or to interfere with the enjoyment of property’.”

Air Pollution, Law & Your Environment

“Public bodies are not allowed to carry out damaging operations on an SSSI … It is also an offence for a public body to fail to minimise damage done to an SSSI … The offences carry various penalties, including a fine of up to £20,000 in the Magistrates court or an unlimited fine in the Crown Court for carrying out work without permission, or for causing damage to an SSSI.” (see image below)

Do the relevant conservation agencies know that chemtrails are being released above nature reserves and SSSIs?  Are public bodies failing to minimise the damage done by chemtrails?

For those who aren’t familiar with the UK’s geography, I have included a map below showing where the National Parks mentioned are in relation to each other as well as to Anglesey, an island off the northwest coast of Wales.

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Letter to the Editor: Chemtrails Seen Over Anglesey on The Same Day as Exmoor

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