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Drag Queen Story Hour UK Coming to a Library Near You, Now’s the Time to Act – The Expose

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A very concerned mother writes to alert the public that Drag Queen Story Hour is coming to UK public libraries this summer and to do something before it goes any further. “I’m asking for people to complain to their local council and MP in all areas of the UK,” she writes.

To The Exposé,

An appeal for common sense and morality and a call to action for everyone in the UK

The Drag Queen story hour in libraries UK tour this summer is targeted at a young audience.  The aim is 100 libraries in 100 days beginning in Reading on 25 July.  And it’s being funded by our local councils!

This is just a pre-run for introducing Drag Queen story time in schools. Dipping the toes in the water. It’s a worldwide initiative and over-sexualisation of our children. Drag Queens are adult entertainment and not an accurate representation of transgender or woman.

All schools and children’s settings have a strict dress code that overseeing adults must adhere to – and rightly so. Drag Queens on display in children’s settings is a safeguarding issue and “wokeness” gone mad.

If we let this pass by unchallenged, it will get to a point where it can no longer be challenged.

I’m asking for people to raise awareness and complain to their local council and MP in all areas of the UK.  The Safe Schools Alliance website has information and templates for letters to help.

“Safe Schools Alliance is opposed to Drag Queen Story Hour. It is being pushed as the new, inclusive thing to do in order to ‘inspire a love of reading, while teaching deeper lessons on diversity, self-love and an appreciation of others’.

“We believe this is a spurious justification, is ill-conceived and contrary to basic safeguarding principles and Government guidance. We object to children being used to validate adults and to the misogyny inherent in drag queen performances.”

Drag Queen Story Hour, Safe Schools Alliance, 9 January 2022

Please, let’s just let kids be kids – innocent.


A Very Concerned Mother, England

Note from The Exposé:  There are numerous articles and videos online which demonstrate that Drag Queen Story Hour is not about “diversity” but rather part of a broader agenda to sexualise children.  Below are a few examples. Be aware and be prepared to speak out for your children.

If you would like to publish a letter, please email it to [email protected] addressed “Letter to the Editor.”  At the end of your email, please indicate the name or pseudonym you would like shown when we publish your letter.

Letter to Editor: Drag Queen Story Hour UK Coming to a Library Near You, Now’s the Time to Act

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