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Covid is a pandemic of the wealthier highly vaccinated nations – The Expose

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A preprint study published in November 2022 revealed that the higher the countrywide covid vaccination rate the higher the covid deaths. 

The study analysed participants from 108 countries using data from 9 worldwide websites with the aim to determine if there are any correlations between the percentage of countrywide covid deaths per population by the countries’ per cent vaccinated.

The study also found the higher the covid testing and more stringent the covid measures, the higher the covid deaths.  In contrast, the higher the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, the lower the covid deaths.

Covid is a pandemic of wealthier and higher vaccinated nations.

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Global Covid-19 Pandemic Outcomes: Dissecting a Failed Strategy

By Joel Smalley

THIS preprint analysis of 108 countries is apparently close to being peer-reviewed. Its summary findings are important and may come as a surprise to those who have not been carefully monitoring the data as it emerged and reading the research, much of which only appeared on Substack.

Key Findings

  1. Higher countrywide covid-19 vaccination rates »» higher covid-19 deaths per country population. [statistically significant to 1% confidence level]
  2. Higher country healthcare costs per capita »» higher covid-19 deaths per country population. [statistically significant to 1% confidence level]
  3. Higher annual income per capita »» higher covid-19 deaths per country population. [statistically significant to 1% confidence level]
  4. Higher countrywide covid-19 testing »» higher covid-19 deaths per country population. [statistically significant to 1% confidence level]
  5. Higher country covid response stringency (mandates, masking, social distancing, curfews, quarantine, business/school closings, banning or limiting public gatherings, lockdowns, travel ban, contact tracing, and PCR testing) »» higher covid-19 deaths per country population. [statistically significant to 5% confidence level]
  6. Higher countrywide hydroxychloroquine use »» lower covid-19 deaths per country population. [statistically significant to 10% confidence level]
  7. Higher countrywide ivermectin use »» lower covid-19 deaths per country population. [not statistically significant]

Since these papers have a habit of disappearing from public servers, here is a copy for download:


It would seem that there was only a covid pandemic in countries that were rich enough for their government’s ill-conceived interventions to have a material impact on mortality and to shun the cheapest, safest and most widely available early treatments.

Every single policy not only failed to mitigate death from the virus but evidently made the situation worse. All social distancing policies, zealous testing and, worst of all, the subjection of populations to participate in a mass medical experiment without proper consent, resulted in increased mortality.

Is it only with the benefit of hindsight that we now know this? Absolutely not. The evidence was clear within weeks of every intervention, hampered only by the untimely provision of the necessary data by the public “authorities” and the illegitimate censorship of “misinformation” by the mainstream media.

Further reading: Covid-19: The Evidence revisited – summer 2022, HART Group, 10 November 2022

Will you now hold all of those responsible accountable for these failures?

It starts by making it clear to your local MP. And it escalates from there…

Julie Marson, MP for Hertford and Stortford

About the Author

Joel Smalley is a blockchain architect and an early-stage, polymath data-driven technologist. He has a background in capital markets, biotechnology, retail payments and blockchain architecture. He conducts pro bono Covid data analysis for legal challenges and independent media seeking the truth.  He regularly publishes articles on his Substack ‘Dead Man Talking’ which you can subscribe to HERE.

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