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Because of propaganda churned out by corporate media some people still live in fear of “the virus” – The Expose

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In the USA, the covid “vaccine” requirement affecting an estimated 10 million healthcare workers was enforced on 20 February 2022.  One year later, it is the last remaining major mandate from Joe Biden’s sweeping attempt to boost national vaccination rates.

On Sunday, Yahoo News published an article about covid vaccine mandates being still in place in healthcare settings.  Citing the example of a nursing home in Missouri, the article describes the daily testing for covid that healthcare workers continue to endure.  The article goes on to state that “only the healthy are allowed in to care for virus-free residents.”

So, what does “healthy” mean? A negative covid test?  A test which has been widely recognised for not being able to detect infection or diagnose illness.  What if a person tests negative for covid but has another infection or illness? Is that person “healthy”? It sounds less like a health measure and more like obedience training.

As The Awake Epidemiologist points out, the continuing covid mandates in healthcare settings are a reminder of what happened in universities and colleges regarding “vaccine” mandates and exemptions last year.

One of the most nonsensical aspects of continuing covid “vaccine” mandates in American universities and colleges in 2022 was that students, faculty and staff who survived the mandates the year before – that is, were fortunate enough to be granted religious and/or medical exemptions – had to reapply for an exemption in 2022.  There is no rational explanation for why an exemption would expire.

The requirement to renew exemptions was therefore more likely to be an exercise in obedience or perhaps to wear down the morale of the individual.

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The Media Needs a Science Lesson

By The Awake Epidemiologist

So, this recent yahoo article caught my eye:

That quote sounded a lot like a very good Brownstone Institute article referring to university vaccine mandates. Keep that link handy, I’ll refer back to it.

So, I start reading this yahoo article, thinking it might mention something like the science cited in the aforementioned Brownstone article, or something about the struggles in the healthcare industry after countless people lost their jobs because they refused the vaccine mandate. Some of that is kinda, sorta in there. But there is also a lot wrong with this reporting.

Let’s start with the sentence in the second paragraph: “Only the healthy are allowed in to care for virus-free residents.”. The text then goes on to describe how employees are required to do an antigen test DAILY to work. There’s problem #1. “Antigen test negative” does NOT equal “Healthy”. People can be unhealthy for a variety of reasons, for example, carrying bacteria or viruses that don’t show up on a covid antigen test. But also, people can be perfectly healthy and non-infectious but test positive for an antigen test. The fact that healthcare facilities are still doing this testing is preposterous.

Then the article goes on to talk about how important vaccines are for preventing outbreaks. Sorry, that’s complete BS. Read the cited articles in the Brownstone article, where many scientific studies show that vaccination does not prevent transmission, nor does it prevent infection. Outbreaks are started by healthy people that test negative. How in the hell is the media still getting away with reporting these lies, when even yahoo will occasionally report on circumstances of “outbreaks” caused by a bunch of test-negative, healthy, fully vaccinated people?!?!?!?

Let’s not forget the recent study by the illustrious Cleveland Clinic showing that the incidence of covid-19 infection actually increases with the number of injections.

But the thing that really makes me mad is the demonisation of people who had religious exemptions from the vaccine. The Warrenton Declaration goes into a lot of detail about why vaccine mandates (as well as other covid restrictions) are a violation of sincerely held religious beliefs. Free exercise of religious beliefs is protected by the Bill of Rights. I suppose that doesn’t prevent the media from demonising them (which is an important point relevant for Christians and other believers, but that’s another point for another day). But blaming religious people for outbreaks is not okay, both morally and scientifically.

So, if you are wondering why people are still living in fear of this virus, this is why. The media pushing a bunch of lies… well, better said, withholding the truth from the public. When doctors and scientists like Ladapo, Prasad, Kheriaty, Kuldorff, etc etc speak actual truth based on actual science, they get censored and demonised. The truth is out there and the media is hiding it from you, masquerading lies as science. Stop falling for it.

About the Author

The Awake Epidemiologist self-describes as a truth-seeking epidemiologist (PhD) who is being censored by her university.  Due to the censorship and persecution, she experienced when writing under her real name, she now purposefully writes anonymously on Substack and elsewhere. You can subscribe to and follow her Substack HERE.

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