The Science of Masks

While the COVID-19 crisis rages on, the science against and in support of wearing masks accumulates daily. On the one side, proponents argue that masks save lives and stop the spread of the virus. The other side contends that wearing masks is complicated and suggests masks are ineffective and may even be harmful.

Recently, yet another angle has emerged asserting that regardless of whether masks work or not, government shouldn’t mandate that people must wear them, especially by children where the risks of contracting, spreading and exhibiting symptoms from COVID-19 are very low.

CHD is glad to provide dozens of studies/articles/videos we have accumulated, including meta-analyses. And, we will continue to post mask information on this page. (Some items appear under multiple headings depending on their content.)



Adverse Health Effects:

Cloth Masks

N95 Masks

Masks in Surgical Settings

Other Mask Studies


(Videos below are found on Vumedi.com. They are  free to watch but you must sign up.) 

The Aftermath

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