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The Mother Who Spoke OutShe spoke with sincerity And great compassion All in s…

The Mother Who Spoke Out

She spoke with sincerity
And great compassion
All in solidarity
With those hurt by injections

She mustered the courage
To speak out loud
Of the pain of those suffering
She has done us proud

Now they are out to get her
And accusing her of lies
They have resorted to slander
Just to drown out our cries

But we will not be silenced
This is our future at stake
We just have to stand together
That might be all it’ll take

Though she spoke with clarity
She was shaking inside
But she got THEM shaking
They attacked back in fright

We must all stand behind her
And unite as one
We’ll make them shake harder
Until our war is won

We pledge to defend Liyana.
We stand with Liyana.

“Speak the truth, even if it is bitter” – Prophet Muhammad SAW



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