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Taking A Look at A New Study on Fertility Plus Pandemic “Black-Eyed” Babies – The Expose

Professor Dr. Hervé Seligmann examined fertility in countries that have high rates of Covid injection uptake compared to those that have not.  He published his report on 28 September 2021 which concludes that women’s fertility decreases the more women are “vaccinated.”

Plus, Covid-19 injections were never tested on pregnant women in the clinical studies because it is unethical to put pregnant women through such abuse. As a result, the study designs did not test for mutagenic or reproductive defects.

An article published by America’s Frontline Doctors, ‘Study concludes women’s fertility harmed in vaccinating countries’, reports a summary of Dr. Seligmann’s findings:

  • fertility decreases with female Covid injection rates,
  • of the 127 women who received a Covid injection in the first 20 weeks, 82% resulted in miscarriage,
  • fertility damage should soon appear to be even more severe due to the effect of vaccines on men and pregnancy.

Dr. Seligmann’s study, ‘Female COVID19 vaccination associates with lower fertility (Hervé Seligmann, 28IX2021, version 7)’, is attached below or you can find a version of it HERE.

The report includes the data in a series of graphs.  The first graph clearly shows a decrease in fertility the more a country “vaccinates.” But there are three countries which are outliers: Israel, Mongolia, and Seychelles (see below).

Figure 1. Total fertility rate in different countries as a function of percentages of fully vaccinated people in the same countries

Dr. Seligmann adjusted the data according to the wealth of the countries (poorer countries have higher fertility).  In this graph, Seychelles and Mongolia returned to the norm, and only Israel continued to enjoy relatively high fertility despite the high percentage of “vaccinated” women.

Dr. Seligmann does not explain the reason for the Israeli anomaly but Haim Yativ, Director of Nakim Organization, said the abnormality in Israel can be explained by the fact that Israel is Pfizer’s laboratory state, and that it must have been given a high percentage of placebo recipients to test the Covid injection results against them as a control group.

Female Fertility

In August 2020 Professor Sir John Bell said in an interview with Jon Snow, Channel 4, that “These vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They are very likely to have an effect which works in a percentage, say 60 or 70%.”

Channel 4: Jon Snow interviews Professor John Bell, SAGE: “These vaccines are unlikely to “completely sterilise” a population, 24 August 2020

Steve Willis, who uploaded the video clip above to YouTube made some interesting notes in the description section below why Prof. Bell could not have been referring to the “sterilisation of a virus” which you can read HERE. To preserve these notes in the event the video is removed from YouTube we have copied them into a document and attached it below.

Prof. Bell is the Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, helped mastermind the AstraZeneca Covid injection, a member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee and sits on the government’s Vaccine Task Force

Prof. Bell has worked as an adviser to the Department of Health and Social Care since 2017 and headed the National Covid Testing Scientific Advisor Panel. He also chaired the Government’s new test approvals group, which assesses virus diagnostic tests. One of the tests assessed and approved, in May 2020, was an antibody test. The manufacturer of this antibody test being the pharmaceutical giant Roche. Prof. Bell has been a non-executive director of Roche since 2001 and holds shares in Roche amounting to £773,000.

You can watch his full interview with Jon Snow on Channel 4’s website HERE.

On 1 December 2020, Dr. Mike Yeadon and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed a petition with the European Medicines Agency (“EMA”) to halt the Covid injection trials in order “to address the significant safety concerns expressed by an increasing number of renowned scientists against the vaccine and the study design.”  One of their concerns, even prior to any Covid injections being given to the general public, was infertility in women.

“The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.”

Earlier this year, Byram Bridle – a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario – and a group of international scientists filed a request for information from the Japanese regulatory agency to get access to Pfizer’s “biodistribution study.” It showed the spike protein from Covid injections gets into the blood where it circulates for several days and then accumulates in organs and tissues including the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, adrenal glands and in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries.

By the end of July, as reported in the UK’s MHRA Yellow Card system, there had been: 1,934 reports of menstrual disorders; 2,886 reports of menstruation irregularities; 2,303 reports of dysmenorrhoea (painful periods); 4,691 reports of delayed menstruation; 1,792 reports of vaginal haemorrhage; and 3,478 reports of heavy menstrual bleeding. And, the Yellow Card data are known to be substantially under-reported.  Despite more than 30,000 reports being made of changes to periods and unexpected vaginal bleeding up to mid-September, the MHRA stated “that evaluation of yellow card reports does not support a link between changes to menstrual periods and Covid-19 vaccines.”

The latest Yellow Card report, as published by UK Column, at the end of September showed there had been 43,432 reproductive and breast disorders reported, a combined total for men and women.  Additionally, there had been 913 pregnancy disorders – 592 of which were spontaneous abortions with 12 fatalities.

We have numerous articles showing a correlation between Covid injections and pregnancy loss, spontaneous abortion or miscarriage.  One of our articles included details of an interview with Dr Peter McCullough a professor of medicine at Texas A&M University.

“Women are concerned about drinking half a glass of wine during pregnancy, so how in the world can they take a shot of a wildly experimental, unproven, unsafe vaccine? It’s almost as if doctors, Americans and everybody are just brainwashed together, they’ve been propagandised and they are blindly accepting something they should just stay away from …

“These vaccines are directly killing babies in the first trimester and it is absolutely atrocious, horrible. No woman should ever take the risk with the Covid-19 vaccine during pregnancy. Period.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

Sadly, there is also a correlation between women who are physically in the presence of people who have had a Covid injection and miscarriage, even though they themselves have not had an injection. There are also indications of illness in babies from the breastmilk of “vaccinated” mothers.  Pfizer trial documentation confirms the transmission, and the potential ill effects, from “vaccinated” to “unvaccinated” persons which they describe as “occupational or environmental exposure” or “EDP”:

As if the Pfizer trial documentation and Dr. Seligmann’s study was not evidence enough for the MHRA to investigate, confirmation of expected infertility or fewer babies born due to Covid injections is even evident in business forecasts.  More than three months ago the New Zealand Herald reported: “China’s largest infant formula maker, said sales would drop sharply in the next one to two years since many women cannot bear children within six months of coronavirus vaccination.”

Read more:

Male Fertility

Commenting on Dr. Seligmann’s study, Yativ says at this stage it is not possible to draw conclusions about harm to male fertility, and that “we will have to wait 9 months from the time the vaccination campaign began in various countries, but already at this stage we can refer to the many warnings by experts of sterilisation and/or genetic damage to their future offspring.”

Warnings regarding negative effects on male fertility and reproduction post Covid injection have been publicised for many months but, of course, not in corporate media except to promote it being due to other causes – such as BBC stating the global crash in children being born has “nothing to do with sperm counts” but is “being driven by more women in education and work” and “choosing to have fewer children.”  Below we give some of the many warnings by those who are following the science.

As early as February there were clues that male fertility was potentially being negatively impacted by Covid injections.  Study participants of research being conducted by the University of Miami were being urged to “freeze their sperm prior to vaccination to protect their fertility.”

In May, Dr Roger Hodkinson stated there is “sufficient evidence in the literature” to show the spike protein expresses in the placenta and the testes – and could kill unborn babies in current pregnancies and permanently stop men having children.

In June, Dr Diego Rubinowicz warned he was witnessing raised prostate-specific antigen (“PSA”) levels, albeit temporarily.  High PSA levels are often associated with men who are suffering from prostate cancer or infertility.

Last year Zed Phoenix, also known as Ben Fellows, recorded a video claiming to have information from a “GlaxoSmithKline insider”.  The GSK whistle-blower was purported to have stated that the Covid injections were “already made” and would contain gender-specific ingredients which would cause infertility after a period of approximately seven years from the time of injection.  In trials 61 out of the 63 women participants became infertile from the anti-HCG components of the injection.  The male equivalent had not yet been tested in humans but animal trials, baboons, had shown it destroyed sperm’s mitochondria and after mating the sperm also reduced fertility in females.

Zed Phoenix: GSK Insider Blows the Whistle on Vaccine Ingredients, June 2020

Vaccines laced with HCG – the idea being that the body develops antibodies to the pregnancy hormone, HCG, such that the women would not be able to carry a normal pregnancy – have been stealthily used in tetanus vaccines in numerous countries

In Kenya the HCG laced tetanus vaccine campaign was promoted by the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Notably, “it was advised that the vaccine was taken five times [five doses] at six monthly intervals,” wrote Jacob Puliyel, “WHO publications apparently describe a long-range purpose to reduce population growth in unstable ‘less developed countries’ and they are working on a more potent anti-fertility vaccine, using recombinant DNA.”

Although the claims of the GSK whistle-blower cannot be substantiated regarding the anti-fertility ingredients of the Covid injections, there seems to be sufficient information from other sources and experts for the MHRA to investigate instances of male, as well as female, reproductive disorders reported to the Yellow Card system post Covid injection.  There are certainly sufficient suspicions in the persons promoting the Covid injections based on their past activities.

Read more:

Birth Defects

The most heart-breaking of all the harmful and deadly effects of Covid injections are the harms being caused to our precious babies who we all would want to give the best start for long, joyful, and healthy lives.

Commenting on Dr. Seligmann’s study, Yativ notes that the births do not guarantee the health of the babies born to vaccinated parents, and that reports of genetic defects in various places have not been investigated but rather ignored.

When Congenital disorders, also known as birth defects, are registered in adverse event databases it suggests that the drug, or in this case Covid injections, affect fertility and the development of a foetus in the womb.

In July we reported there had been 124 congenital disorders post Covid injection reported in the UK’s MHRA Yellow Card system – birth defects which include heart disease, cerebral palsy, foetal malformation, congenital cystic lung, extreme pain disorder, limb reduction defect, cystic fibrosis, and Young’s syndrome.

According to data from the Yellow Card system published by UK Column as at the end of September 2021 there were 164 congenital disorders.

Earlier this month we reported that according to VigiAccess, a World Health Organisation database, there had been 1191 congenital disorders linked to Covid injections. The highest number of reports falling under a factor V Leiden mutation – a genetic disorder that makes it more likely for an individual to develop a blood clot at some point during life.

Recently, some videos of children born to parents who have had a Covid injection have been circulating.  Although it is not conclusive evidence, it could be a sign to alert us – as it was with the “magnet challenge” – that something is very wrong and our precious babies, our future generations, are at risk. 

La Quinta Columna on Pandemic Babies

La Quinta Columna more on “Black-Eyed” Babies (Pandemic Babies)

These precious little souls could be the wake up call the world needs to realise that we have moved from a “save-our-selves” to a “save humanity” phase.  That the fight for the right to exist as human beings began when the “needle in every arm” campaign was launched.  If we can save our humanity then we can also save our world from a similar fate.

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