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Why would our Governments want to ruin the economy? – The Expose

Why would our governments push whole sections of our economy into ruin? Who benefits from all this? Is there any other picture than the simple enrichment of some at the expense of others?

In economic terms, three groups already own everything.

In practice, Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street impose their choices on governments for maximum profit. The following video on Blackrock sums up their modus operandi perfectly. 

The ultimate goal of the changes made ‘because of’ the pandemic is to be able to decide and control everything ‘live’. 

The pandemic serves as a pretext for a complete transformation of the monetary system for the benefit of private interests that have a stranglehold on national and international public institutions.

The journalist Ernst Wolff, a specialist in finance, denounces in a brilliant synthesis the use of the coronavirus and the attempt to force a transition to the fourth industrial revolution preached by the World Economic Forum in Davos. The direct and automated control of the population in every place at every moment could only be achieved with a digital central currency, allowing the sanctioning of individuals. 

John Titus and Catherine Austin Fitts have detailed the entire financial manoeuvre to make this shift to direct control, starting with the decisions made at the central bank meeting in Jackson Hole on 22nd August 2019, six months before the pandemic.

In one and a half minutes, Agustin Carstens, President of the International Bank of Settlements (in Basel), confirms that the difference between digital central bank money and cash is that you know who is doing what with your money at each transaction and that you can set the rules for the use of the money…

To give a simple example: you could very well be forbidden to buy steak and chips if you have just bought cholesterol medication. They could also close your account for a fortnight if you have not respected the quarantine, or prohibit you from putting petrol in your car to reduce your carbon footprint. Such measures have already been discussed, just look at what the Bank of England is saying…

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this, and paying cash is one of them.

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