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USC Law School Dean Tells Students to Report Classmates who DRINK WATER in Violation of Tough Covid-19 Restrictions – The Expose

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At the University of Southern California School of Law, students are not allowed to hydrate themselves because according to Dean Andrew T. Guzman, doing so might cause someone to contract Covid-19.

In an email sent out to staff and students, Guzman said that students are not permitted to eat or drink indoors at any time. If a student is in need of water, they must go outside, take a drink and “return to class promptly.”

Guzman ordered: “Everyone must wear a mask at all times while indoors except when alone in a private office. All eating and drinking must take places outdoors.

“The exception to this rule is limited to instructors, who may briefly hydrate while teaching but must re-mask immediately, as well as employees who are alone in a private office,” Guzman added.

Anyone “identified” as a repeated violator of these tyrannical measures will be “contacted individually” and “may be subject to sanctions.”

Guzman went on to explain: “If you see a member of our community who is not compliant with these policies, you are free to politely remind them of their obligations to the health and safety of those around them.

“If you are uncomfortable approaching non-compliant members of our community, you may reach out to [email protected] and we will approach that individual.”

It seems that Guzman cares so much about the health and wellbeing of USC Law School students that he wants them to stay dehydrated and masked up throughout their school day.

Keep in mind that according to the latest updates from the school, upwards of 91 percent of all USC students and staff have been “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19. Why are they then still expected to face such harsh restrictions?

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