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Boeing Employees Planning #FreedomFlu Sickout Fridays in Response to Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate – The Expose

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Leaked documents suggest that there will be another mass “sickout” event will soon take place, this time at Boeing, which recently threatened its unvaccinated employees with being fired if they refuse to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Several Boeing employees based in Seattle reportedly sent Human Events copies of internal documents showing that so-called #FreedomFlu sickouts are set to take place in response to the company’s refusal to tolerate unvaccinated staff at its workplaces.

One of the documents read: “Boeing has acted in bad faith and knew months ago that they were going to mandate us at the end of the year. They told us it was going to happen.

“They are now leading the world to believe we have ample time to make a decision by Dec. 8th. That’s a lie. We are now protesting at the union and we are now doing the #FreedomFlu.”

An image posted within a tweet by Jack Posobiec, senior editor at Human Events, shows a laminated sigh stating that there will be a “Right to Choose Sickout” event happening every Friday starting October 15th and continuing indefinitely.

The deadline for employees to get the Covid-19 jab is reportedly December 8th, and the mandate will apply to approximately 140,000 members of staff throughout the company.

Union workers at Boeing are reportedly really upset with the company because it “acted in bad faith” concerning the possibility of a vaccine mandate,

For months, these union workers were led to believe that their leadership was fighting proposed mandates and working on a compromise. At the very least, they expected that regular testing would be made an option for those who do not wish to get vaccinated.

In a message to his members in the October issue of the union’s paper “Aero Mechanic,”

International Association of Machinists (IAM) District 751 President Jon Holden explained that “the reality is our members are polarized on this issue.”

“It is our responsibility to defend and advocate for all our members including those who can’t or won’t accept the vaccine,” Holden added.

Any Boeing employee who is not “fully vaccinated” is being forced to get the first dose of Moderna no later than October 27, or the first dose of Pfizer no later than November 3. Anyone who chooses the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) single-dose jab will have until November 24 to get it.

Internal Boeing emails state that a failure to meet the vaccine requirements by the deadline would result in an involuntary resignation, not a termination for cause.

“It is considered a resignation and would not result in any variation of policy for pay out of VAC, PTO, SL, Pension, 401K.”

The same email also stated that Boeing wants to retain all of its employees, but that many of them “have strong feelings around the recent company response to the Executive order implementing a Vaccine Requirement.”

Unless a Boeing employee is able to submit proof of a medical or religious exemption from getting the Covid-19 jab he or she “may be released from the company,” further explained an image from the company’s presentation that was delivered via a webcast from management to employees.

Boeing claims that it has no choice but to abide by “President Biden’s recent executive order requiring COVID-19 vaccines for federal contractors.”

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