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New Zealand Prime Minister Proudly Admits she Created Two Classes of People, Segregating the Fully Vaccinated and Unvaccinated – The Expose

A New Zealand Herald journalist recently confronted Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on the government’s plan to hold the people’s freedoms hostage by punishing the unvaccinated and rewarding those who comply with getting the Covid vaccine. As a result, New Zealand has created a two-tiered society, where the unvaccinated are barred from public life whilst the vaccinated are granted special privileges. “That is what it is,” Arden smirked, confirming that non-vaccinated citizens have fewer rights.

The New Zealand Prime Minister recently announced the government’s new “traffic-light system” which creates a society of obedient slaves, who are subject to endless medical tyranny. She even smiled about creating two classes of people, in a system that gives vaccinated people more rights, while segregating the unvaccinated.

The “traffic-light system” is set to facilitate the re-opening of New Zealand. As soon as 90 percent of the country are vaccinated in compliance with their regional district health board, the country will begin loosening restrictions on the population. Once this occurs, the country enters the “red” light stage of the plan. Under this stage of population control, businesses can open up, but are only permitted to serve the “fully vaccinated.” The unvaccinated, on the other hand, will not be allowed to enter restaurants, bars, gyms, or other “close contact” venues.

Arden said “many of the freedoms others enjoy will be out of reach” for the unvaccinated. “If you want summer […] get vaccinated.” If you don’t, “there will be everyday things you will miss out on,” she explained. Arden said that she is justified in doing this, because the unvaccinated put the vaccinated at risk. Yet, if the vaccines worked the vaccinated would not have to worry about anyone’s vaccination status, never mind worry about getting more booster shots.

The red-light phase allows for local lockdowns, increased contract tracing and continuous persecution of the unvaccinated. During the amber light phase of the plan, mask mandates will be put in place for flights, public transport, in taxis, retail and all other public venues. The government gets to decide which phase the population must abide by, and the government can alternate between phases as often and as long as they wish.

During New Zealand’s green light phase of their “traffic-light system,” vaccine certificates will be implemented across the entire public and private sector to create a permanent, two-tiered society. Businesses, including retail and hospitality, will be required to check customers’ vaccination status. Businesses that fail to comply with these requirements will be severely restricted and ultimately forced to shut down permanently. These non-compliant businesses will have to operate with strict limits on capacity and space.

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