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Extracts from “Pandemic Diary of a Frontline for the Elderly” – Part Three – The Expose

We have kindly been provided with the journal of Clare Wills Harrison, a lawyer for the elderly, who first spoke out about Midazolam and care home deaths in June 2020.

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If you want to read the damning first hand evidence about the failures of the care, medical and legal sectors during the last 18 months, follow Lawyers of Light channel here and The Expose here.

Extracts from “Pandemic diary of a front line lawyer for the eldery” – kindly provided by the family of Clare Wills Harrison – Part Three

16th April to 30th April 2020

I have been back at work for just over 3 weeks total now. These last few weeks have been horrendous both personally and professionally. Various things have happened, and I feel crushed.

R called me about his wife. I was aware she had been diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before lockdown. She had commenced chemotherapy and then become ill as a result, after lockdown started. Consequently she had been taken into hospital, where the staff had put her straight on a “Covid positive” ward without testing her until she was on the ward. The hospital tested her in situ and she tested negative! So she was moved to a “clean ward, where she then developed symptoms of illness, and became really unwell. Sadly, due to her health being compromised, she passed away.  However, R was not allowed to go and see her during this time and had to conduct “visiting” by zoom. He had to watch his wife die via zoom, likely because of negligence by the hospital. What an atrocious, unbelievable  situation.

D also called me about her husband who had passed away. She told me that he had needed to see the GP because he was having chest pains. She had called the GP to be told that he could not have a face to face appointment due to lockdown.

When I asked why she simply didn’t call an ambulance, she said they hadn’t wanted to, as they didn’t want to overburden the system
Sadly, Ds husband went on to suffer a major heart attack and collapsed and died at home.

It is absolutely tragic as I know most hospitals are not overwhelmed. I’ve got family working in them telling me that!! Those family have friends, telling them the same!!

All of the local solicitors to me are still closed. We are the only ones doing face to face in office appointments.  There are all sorts of changes to the way that we do things now, and everyone is adopting an online approach. In the legal sector this carries enormous risks due to confidentiality and know your client issues. The other thing is that you cannot reasonably service your clients remotely as they have a range of needs. Why can’t most people see this. Why are we the only ones that believe we still owe a duty to be there for our clients?

I went to see M at RH care home. They allowed us to sit in a room on our own but insisted that we sit six feet apart. M is bloody hard of hearing! I had to shout the whole time. So much for confidentiality.

They had M masked up! Inside. In fact all the residents  were masked up. Even in their own rooms. WTF????? These are old people with complex needs, many hard of hearing, some with respiratory issues. How the hell can you justify masking them?

I asked M if the doctor was still coming in. She said no. No one was coming in. Not the doctor, hairdresser, physio, or chiropodist. I could have cried, as that means she will not get her needs met and neither will all the other residents. How can this be right?

After seeing M I went to the manager’s office to discuss a few things for her. There were 5 people in there, all masked but NOT social distancing (but I had to with M? Hypocrisy at its finest). Whilst I was talking to them, I could see into a room opposite. The door was open and there was a frail lady that couldn’t have weighed more than 7 stone. It seemed as though she was being restrained by a carer whilst somebody,  I presume a nurse, injected her with something. It was very distressing as the lady was crying out and seemed very confused. I asked the people in the office if the lady was OK as it just felt wrong what I was seeing. I know I’m not a carer, and maybe this happens all the time, but I just didn’t like it.

I was told that as I wasn’t the lady’s  advocate, they couldn’t discuss her with me in detail,  but they did say that she was being sedated due to distress caused by her severe dementia. Evidently she was confused about why her family are not coming to see her now, and doesn’t understand lockdown. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch that.

I also had a phone call from my ex partner this week to inform me that his mother had passed away. Obviously this is very close given that he is the father of my child. It was extremely upsetting to hear both in distress over it. What is more upsetting is that his mother had a panic alarm and had pressed this after falling out of bed on the night that she died. BUT, the alarm company had refused to go out to her, claiming lockdown prevented them. When she had pressed the alarm AGAIN they then called M,  and as it was early hours of the morning, by the time he arrived, the carer was there, and his mother was dead on the floor of the bedroom.

She died alone, and we will never know whether she was in pain.

I am appalled that the company had a responsibility to go out to her when she pressed her alarm, and simply abdicated on this claiming a lockdown justification. They are paid to do a job which they failed to do and now M’s mother is dead. I need to discuss with him at some point whether he wants to pursue a claim for negligence, but first and foremost, I need to help him and my family heal from the upset the death has wrought. Sadly that is not going to be easy. The funeral has been delayed due to LOCKDOWN and only 6 people can attend due to LOCKDOWN. Simply inhumane.

Oh and Mum has got cancer. Its been confirmed. In a phone call, where she was also told that she cannot have any treatment or procedure for the same, DUE TO LOCKDOWN. How can this be happening?

We are supposed to be out of lockdown now, as its been MORE THAN 3 WEEKS.

This complete stripping of our rights unless we do as our told has nothing to do with our health, and is all about control.

I will not comply.

In part 4 read about :

  • how doctors admitted they could write Covid on a death certificate without ever having seen a patient
  • funeral directors admitting there was something very wrong with the way deaths were being handled
  • care home whistleblowers coming forward about blanket DNRs, midazolam, and do not admit to hospital orders being imposed on residents

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