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Historically, research on vaccines has been primarily focused on whether or not vaccination could generate neutralizing antibodies to protect against viral infections. This has not been the case with the COVID-19 vaccines. The global roll out of these vaccines has been in an unprecedented and accelerated manner and the short-term and long-term effects to the human pathophysiology of the human immune system has not been fully investigated according to scientists. The many consequences of which have been reported in the adverse events databases such as the UKs Yellow Card Scheme and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) from the USA.

These sites highlight the thousands of life changing post-vaccination outcomes, including anaphylactic shocks, myocarditis and even death. The concerns over the alarming figures caused by an unnecessary vaccine have too often been dismissed as conspiracy theories. One new study supports many of these so-called theories also revealed consistent alterations in gene expression of many different immune cell types, which supports the first so called “conspiracy theory” that the vaccine does indeed alter our genes.


The study also supports the “conspiracists” in the theory that it is the vaccine that is making people ill. Although, according to the CDC, COVID-19 Vaccines help our bodies develop immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 without us having to get the illness. Yet we are also advised that those who have been double vaccinated can still “catch” COVID-19 and can also spread it. But is it a virus that they are catching? Scientists that have recently conducted this new study may have provided the answer to that question after finding similar changes in the vaccinated as has been observed in the symptoms of those deemed COVID-19 symptoms Source.  

The scientists vaccinated healthy volunteers with a double dose of inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (Vero Cell)  to enable their participation in antibody and neutralizing antibody testing, as well as detailed clinical laboratory measurements before and at different times after vaccination. They were surprised to observe that consistent Pathophysiological  changes, as if these people had experienced symptoms said to be present in an infection with SARS-CoV-2. For example:

As a result of these same symptoms being found in healthy volunteers post vaccination, it would suggest that the vaccination is mimicking infection. Source


Yet the vaccine is supposed to fight against the disease, at least that is what the  CDC advise and that “Vaccines work by stimulating your immune system to produce antibodies.”  However, research from 2020 “Informed Consent Disclosure to Vaccine Trial Subjects of Risk of COVID-19 Vaccine Worsening Clinical Disease,” shows that although the COVID-19 vaccines are designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies, they may actually be sensitising individuals who have taken it to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.”

Again, the new study may have revealed why this would be and reports that not only do consistent pathophysiological alterations occur after vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines, but the generation of neutralizing antibodies which we reported in the Expose previously wane after a short time. Additionally  the results indicated consistent reductions in CD8 + T cells  these are vitally important for the protective immunity against infection to numerous other ailments, while the increase in monocytes  contents is an indication that the body is fighting something, which could be anything from infection to cancers, and the enhanced NF-κB inflammatory signalling, was observed to have mimicked the post infection responses. Also surprisingly,28 days following the first dose of vaccination the Type I  interferon responses,  which had been linked to reduced damages after SARS-CoV-2 infection and milder symptoms, appeared to be reduced after vaccination, which shows an increase in the viral load. Why would a vaccine elicit such a response?

This study findings do suggest that the individual’s immune system is compromised exposing the vaccinated to numerous ailments, which is also supported by findings reported in an article published in the Expose Nov 6th 2021, that argues  “Covid-19 Vaccines have raised all-cause mortality by 15% and the vaccinated may be developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (ADE)”.  

The report argues that all-cause mortality has been raised by 15% and cites the UK PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report figures on COVID cases from Weeks 35-42 which showed that double vaccinated 40–79-year-olds had lost 50% of their immune system capability by October 24 and are consistently losing a further 4-5% every week (between 3.7% and 7.9%). The article also shows a projection that 30-49 year olds will have “zero COVID/viral defence at best, or a form of vaccine mediated AIDS at worst, by the first week in January and all doubly vaccinated people over 30 will have completely lost that part of their immune system which deals with Covid in the next 17 weeks” (Source)


This leads us smoothly to conspiracy theory number 3, it is a pandemic of the vaccinated. Although, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA, have stated that COVID-19 vaccines are effective against severe disease and death from variants of the virus and Infections happen in only a small proportion of people who are fully vaccinated. Nevertheless, they also add that “If you are fully vaccinated and become infected with the Delta variant, you can spread the virus to others even with the Delta variant. Conversely the Official stats from Public Health England (PHE). from September 17, 2021, that covers the number of cases for about seven-and-a-half months, states that of 600,000 cases, only 43% were attributable to the unvaccinated. Which is consistent with what Doctor Fauci has also said, that the vaccination is not supposed to prevent infection anyway. (Video Below).

Notably, a study from Harvard University found that across 68 countries, including 2947 counties in the United States that it was the vaccinated who were at a greater risk of COVID-19-related hospitalisations compared to those who were previously infected.  According to the research team, 60% of the population of Israel had been fully vaccinated, yet they had the highest COVID-19 cases per 1 million people in the 7 days previous to the study. This was also the case in Iceland and Portugal who had fully vaccinated over 75% of the population, yet have more COVID-19 cases per 1 million people compared to countries such as Vietnam and South Africa that have around 10% of their population fully vaccinated

Dr. Fauci: Vaccine NOT primarily designed to prevent infection (Oct 2020)


The results of the study have indicated that vaccination, not only stimulates the generation of neutralizing antibodies, but has also influenced numerous health indicators. These include those related to diabetes, renal dysfunction, cholesterol metabolism, coagulation problems, electrolyte imbalance, and affected the participants in the study as if they had experienced an infection.

Dramatic changes had indeed been observed in immune cell gene expression, according to the scientists, which not only echoed some of the clinical laboratory measures but were also suggestive of increased inflammatory responses taking place in the white blood cells along with increased symptom development and a downregulated the T cell responses, which would ordinarily be beneficial against COVID-19.

Altogether the findings highly suggest that after vaccination, people’s immune systems were in at best, in a more vulnerable state according to the scientists.

The gene altering vaccination has shown in this study and in the adverse events data base to actually make people ill and this conspiracy theorist knows no good reason to have it.

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