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Austrian Brothel Offering Free 30-Minute Sex Session For Clients if They Get Covid-19 Vaccine On-Site – The Expose

As a disturbing incentive to coerce more people to get the Covid vaccines, a brothel in Vienna, Austria, is offering those who get jabbed onsite a 30-minute free sex session.

Funpalast brothel in Vienna is offering clients a session in the sexual ‘sauna club’ with a ‘lady of their choice’ if they get the Covid-19 vaccine at the on-site clinic.

The project started on November 1st and is part of the brothel’s aim to increase revenue after a fall in the number of clients due to low vaccination rates.

Currently, in Austria, only around 65 percent of the population has been vaccinated against covid. Those who have refused to get the jab are barred from entering public spaces such as restaurants, hairdressers, hotels and large public events.

The new rules were announced last week as a response to the reportedly rising infection rate, and the government hopes that this will encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Customers who get vaccinated at the on-site clinic are entitled to a free 30-minute sex session.
Source: Funpalast

At the brothel, vaccines will be offered to clients every Monday from 4pm to 10pm through the month of November to encourage men to get the jab in exchange for a sauna club voucher worth €40 (£34).

Disturbingly, boys as young as 14 are permitted to use the clinic, provided that they are accompanied by an adult.

The offer does not only apply to men, however, as women are being encouraged to visit the brothel to get jabbed, to comply with Austria equality laws.

In a statement, the brothel said: “Due to the pandemic, we have registered a 50 percent decrease [in clients], with this initiative we hope that the number of customers will rise again.”

Funpalast’s owners added that the brothel is located near a monument of painter Gustav Klimt and told potential clients to use the statue “as an excuse for the delay…when you return home.”

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