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California School Board Votes Not to Enforce or Comply With State’s Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate – The Expose

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In California, the Calaveras Unified School District (CUSD) announced on November 10th that it would not follow the state’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

In a five to zero vote, the CUSD’s Board of Trustees decided not to support, enforce, or comply with the pending vaccine mandate. A post on the school district’s Facebook page stated that the outcome “was the same for both agenda items addressing students as well as staff.

Source: Facebook

Additionally, the CUSD posted a letter saying that the board is aware of the possible impacts concerning “possible liability exposure, funding loss and additional formal actions” that the district may face due to the decision.

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Source: Facebook

In October, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced at a press conference that schoolchildren would be required to get the Covid jab if their parents wanted them to attend in-person classes.

The requirement is set to be applied in the next school term – either January or July 2022. Newsom said that the state government wants to see all school staff get vaccinated during the first phase of vaccination requirements involving grades seven through 12.

Newsom also tweeted that parents should not worry about the Covid-19 vaccine because “schools already require vaccines for measles, mumps and more” and that vaccines can keep children “safe and healthy.”

Many parents commented on the CUSD’s Facebook post, thanking them for their decision and for standing up for the rights and safety of children, for medical freedom, and for not complying with the tyrannical and ridiculous mandates set by Newsom.

On November 4th, the Mark Twain Union Elementary School District (MTUESD) also announced that it would not be enforcing the covid vaccine mandate for students in its schools. During the meeting, worried parents asked if the school district would lose government funding if they vote against the vaccine mandate.

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