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Post-Vaccination Deaths in 3 Days Exceed Covid Deaths Over 14 Months – The Expose

At the end of October, we wrote that there had been 830 Covid deaths after the launch of Taiwan’s Covid injection campaign.  Additionally, 982 people died after receiving a Covid injection.  According to Worldometer there has been one Covid death since our previous article, making the total Covid deaths since the launch of the injection campaign 831.  But deaths post-Covid injection continue to rise.

Taiwan confirmed its first coronavirus case on 21 January 2020 and from then up to the day Taiwan’s Covid injection campaign began, 22 March 2021, there had been 17 Covid deaths. 

As of 16 November, according to Taiwan’s VAERS, 1,090 people had died post-Covid injection – an increase of 108 in the 18 days since our last article.  An average of 6 per day.  In just three days as many had died due to a “suspected serious event” post-injection (18) as had died with Covid during the 14 months Jan 2020 – March 2021 (17).

The CDC’s ‘Notification of adverse events after COVID-19 vaccination’ report which shows details of deaths post-injection is in Taiwanese but we have used Google to translate it into English and attached it below.

In the same 18-day period an additional 3,7 million doses of Covid injections had been administered.  Below are some observations. They are merely observations and in no way intended to be taken as proof of causation but it would be worth checking in the future to see if these observations continue and so become trends.

Despite relatively similar additional number of doses of AstraZeneca and BioNTech, there are more than double the additional post-injection deaths relating to AstraZeneca.  There were a high number of additional AstraZeneca second doses administered which could imply the second dose is more deadly than the first, assuming all “vaccines” are equal.

Moderna, like AstraZeneca, has a proportionally high number of second doses recently administered.  It has almost the same number of post-injection deaths as AstraZeneca although only half of the number of additional doses.  Based on these numbers, and ignoring any underlying factors or variables, Moderna seems twice as deadly as AstraZeneca.

The CDC’s ‘Covid-19 Vaccination Statistics’ report which shows cumulative totals of Covid injections by type, or label, is in Taiwanese but we have used Google to translate it into English and attached it below.

On Taiwan’s CDC website, “Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)” is listed as one of the “important diseases.” Taiwan National Infectious Disease Statistics System refers to Covid as “Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens (COVID-19).”  However, Covid, by either name, is not included in the CDC’s list of “vaccine-preventable diseases.”  Which, for a worldwide pandemic that began 23 months ago with a national “vaccination” programme that began eight months ago, seems a curious omission.  But, considering only 17 people died with Covid before a “vaccine” was available, perhaps it is an appropriate one.

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