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Martial Law In Aboriginal Community, Australia. Representatives Make Plea For International Help. – The Expose

One representative of the group known as David said he descended from the Scottish and Irish tribes of Europe and that they were all part of the original tribal federation, as well as all part of the community. “We are part of the people and we are standing here united to make an international call for assistance. We need international attention focused on what’s happening here in our communities”.

The expose reported on Monday 22nd, that the Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin after nine new Covid-19 cases were identified in the community of Binjari. The move came after hard lockdowns were instituted in the communities of both Binjari and nearby Rockhole on Saturday night.

Now we are seeing that the situation has progressively got worse. The video can be found on this link on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/100068198483889/videos/427616528892020/

However, for those who cannot access it, you can see from the text below, what David has said is happening in his community.


According to David they have had the Northern Territory government force vaccinating the people in the community, “using military, using foreign military, foreign police officers, local military and local police officers to pressure our people into taking this bioweapon” he says. ”They are not informing the people, they are lining them up”.

They are telling them they can’t eat in the shops, can’t eat in the community, can’t eat elsewhere. Those who are fleeing to get food are being fined $5,000 for leaving the community. THIs is martial law, this is a war crime, this is a crime against humanity and all the crimes against humanity have been practiced on the tribal people of this continent.


WE are the guinea pigs, we are the dry run for everything, what they are doing in our community right now, do not think because you live in major cities that you are void of it, this is a trial run for the rest of the country and the rest of the world, they’re trialing it on us.

They tried the basic card, universal income, non-cash card, everything gets tried on us. The New World Order agenda, everything has been trialed and practiced on the sovereign tribal people of this continent.

What they are doing now is forcing this genocidal bioweapon on to us, through coercion, through force, through pressure, through the relief of getting a fee, or food or getting money. They are pressuring people in every way. They are going in with the military, they are locking down entire communities, they are not letting people in or out, they are protecting their crime by shutting other people out and they are forcing the people to take this bioweapon.

“Our people are scared, our people are frightened,” said David

Is this what we are likely to see in the UK, the USA, and the rest of the world? Are we going to allow this?

Read “Australian army begin transferring contacts of COVID 19 positive cases to quarantine camps” here

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