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US Physician Assistant Reveals She Was Told to Stop Reporting Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries – The Expose

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On a recent episode of The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast, a physician assistant said that after she saw a flood of Covid vaccine victims in the ER where she worked, she was told not to report them to VAERS, the US government’s official Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Deborah Conrad, a physician assistant who worked at the United Memorial Medical Center in New York for around 17 years, said that she saw “heart attacks, cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias of the heart, blood clots, [and] pulmonary emboli” in the months after the vaccine was rolled out.

Her role at the hospital meant that she had to log any incident reports to VAERS. At first, she saw “just a few patients” with suspected side effects linked to the jab. However, she soon saw “all these people coming in,” so she started notifying her “administrative leaders of what was going on.”

She said that the administration “didn’t feel that there was a whole lot to worry about.” Eventually, “the emergency room started catching on” to the rise in post-vaccine patients, and her colleagues started “giving [her] patients to report.”

However, Conrad’s administration told her that she was “over reporting,” as it was their impression that many vaccine injuries were not caused by the Covid jab at all.

Podcast host Sharly Attkisson has had past experience in investigating adverse reactions linked to vaccines. She told Conrad that “I was assigned to cover vaccine-related issues I knew nothing about, but I went down the rabbit hole at CBS News.” Attkisson said that she had seen evidence of “cover-ups” in the early 2000s when investigating the relationship between big pharma companies and the US government.

She said that there are doctors who question whether they should report adverse reactions to the jab rather than ignore it and try to link injuries to something else.

The physician assistant said that she tried repeatedly to report what she saw to higher-ups, but “they absolutely refused to do any reporting.”

Instead, Deborah Conrad was told to “support the vaccine effort” because “they want vaccines in every arm.” She also said that she called foul on the frequently repeated claim that the vaccines are “100 percent safe and effective.” Conrad said: “That’s just … ridiculous … because nothing is 100 percent safe and effective.”

Following speaking out, Conrad was terminated from her position as it was very tense in her workplace when she tried to raise her concerns with her boss. Although, after the vaccine mandates were introduced in New York, Conrad had to leave her position for good.

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