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Dr. Sam White Has Won His High Court Appeal Against the General Medical Council – The Expose

Dr. Sam White was suspended by the National Health Service (“NHS”) in June 2021 for raising concerns about the safety of the Covid injection and informed consent. He is very concerned about the “vaccination” of children. “One child’s vaccine injury or death is one too many,” Dr White’s Crowd Justice page states.

In mid-September, Dr. White filed an appeal in the High Court against a Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service’s determination and the conditions placed on his practice that Dr. White should not be able to post on social media about the Covid pandemic and all “associated aspects” and that he should remove all posts.

Dr. White’s legal team are Philip Hyland, PHJ Law Solicitors, and Francis Hoar, a barrister who specialises in election/public, commercial and employment law. The latest update on Dr. White’s Crowd Justice page states “Judgment in the High Court appeal against the IOT [interim order] determination is awaited. The appeal was heard on 4 November 2021.” 

On Friday the waiting was over.

The judgement found that orders placed on Dr. White breached his human rights including his right to take part in debate on current events.

Dr. Sam White, 3 December 2021

“This is a judgement, depending on whether it is appealed or not, that we can use going forward,” said Clare Wills Harrison in a Telegram post.

However, after reading the judgement, “it is a double edge sword as they have not considered any of the evidence he put forward for the claims he has made,” Wills Harrison said.  The court has said Dr. White succeeded on a procedural ground because the IOT did not consider an aspect of human rights when making their decision in accordance with the procedure that they should.  So, the judgement was made “purely on a procedural, if you like, mishap, not on any evidence base.  And that seems to be one of the problems we have with our legal system,” Wills Harrison explained.

Despite this win twitter continues to place restrictions on Dr. White.  The High Court may have lifted Dr White’s restrictions on social media use, but Twitter appears to have imposed its own, tweeted PJH Law.

Earlier this year Barrister Francis Hoar joined GB News to discuss freedom of speech in the UK.

GB News: ‘Freedom of Speech is under attack’, 20 July 2021 (4 mins)

As for the NHS, it seems Dr. White has only just begun. After receiving Dr. White’s judgement, late on Friday, PJH Law wrote an open letter to the CEO of the NHS on behalf of Dr. White.  The letter begins:

“I am instructed by Dr Sam White in connection with his treatment by the NHS since raising public interest disclosures to your predecessor, Sir Simon Stevens, by letter dated 2 July 2021.

“That letter raised allegations of criminal conduct by way of gross negligence by the Executive Board of the NHS as well as those leading the NHS response in government and the regulatory agencies.

“In summary the letter made the following allegations and sought to shine light on some of the darkness at the heart of the Covid-19 response:” and goes on to list the allegations.

The letter continues: “The CEO of the NHS has not deigned to reply to the 2 July 2021 letter and the concerns raised. Instead, the NHS has chosen to mount a campaign of targeting my client unfairly. These actions speak of a certain culture within the executive leadership of the NHS and unwillingness to act on evidenced and constructive feedback” and goes on to summarise events since 2 July 2021.

“Dr White and myself have agreed to a request made by a third party to assist the UK Police in any investigation into alleged criminality regarding the government’s and others’ response to COVID-19. Dr White and I are also in contact with those who lodged the International Criminal Court referral in September 2021.”

 “Given that it has now been five months since we last wrote and evidence has been accumulating that every single one of Dr White’s concerns are well founded it is incumbent on you to reply to all the points raised,” the letter concludes.


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