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I hate clichés but they are popular and last for generations because they sum things up so well. The old fable of the frog in boiling water is so appropriate to what has been happening to us for the last few years that it is nigh on impossible not to use it.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

As you know the story goes that if you drop a frog into a pan of boiling water the frog will jump out whereas if you put the frog into a pan of cool water and then slowly turn up the heat, the hapless frog will not realise what is happening and will be boiled to death.

In fact it is, when you think about it, a pretty silly fable. Frogs are not stupid and if the water becomes uncomfortably hot the frog will jump out. (I suspect that the average frogs is, on the evolutionary and intelligence scale somewhere between a senior member of the British Royal family and a Cabinet Minister.) But the myth has enough history to merit its place in this book because it is an accurate description of what has been happening to us all for the last few decades and an easy way to summarise the way this quiet coup has taken place.

And it has been a coup.

Like the frog in the fable, most people have just lain there as the water has got hotter and hotter. Only in our case it is our entire world that is changing – not the temperature of the water in a saucepan. Gradually, bit by bit, we are losing all our natural-born freedoms, all our God-given rights and all the human dignity that was promised us by the US Constitution, the Magna Carta, the Constitution of France and so forth.

The people who have now taken charge of our world have been preparing us for this takeover for decades, but most people haven’t noticed or haven’t cared.

Most citizens have noticed small things, they have been irritated by changes to our society which have resulted in an ever expanding bureaucracy and the seemingly inevitable introduction of ever more stupid rules and acquiring ever more power.

Just a decade or two ago everything was legal unless it was specifically prohibited. Today, the situation has been pretty much reversed; today, we are moving towards a position where everything is prohibited unless it is specifically allowed.

We don’t have much longer to stand up for ourselves and to escape.

The water is boiling.

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