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Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug, discussed the “mass formation” phenomenon during an interview last month. “Matthias Desmet, he’s a psychologist. He’s also a statistician. He’s at the University of Ghent … I think Matthias is on to something and he calls it ‘mass formation psychosis’. So, when he says ‘mass formation’ you can think of this equivalent to ‘crowd’. So, it’s crowd psychosis,” Dr. Malone said.

Professor Dr. Mattias Desmet is professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University, Belgium.  He says mass formation is a type of mass hypnosis and has a huge impact on an individual’s intelligence and cognitive functioning.  Around 30% of the population will succumb to mass formations while 30% will not.  The remaining 40% will realise something is wrong, but may not understand exactly what, and remain silent.

Mass formation, or mass hypnosis, focuses people’s attention so much on a single point that you can take everything from them – their psychological and physical well-being, their material well-being – and they will not notice.

“Under mass formation and the subsequent totalitarianism, people become radically intolerant of dissident voices and so someone tells another story, or claims the official story is wrong, then this [dissenting] person threatens to wake the people up and they will get angry,” Prof. Desmet said during an interview with the Corona Investigative Committee in August.

During an interview a couple of months later, Prof. Desmet explained: “The most important thing for people to do is to continue to speak out even if it’s just to say that you don’t agree with the mainstream narrative because mass formation is provoked by the specific voice it’s gotten used to.  Totalitarian leaders know this very well.”

“It really is hypnosis. This is what happened to the German people. If you live in Europe or you have a relative who’s a holocaust survivor or also if you’ve lived behind the Soviet Union curtains, Eastern Europe etc. This is a fundamental problem that people have is understanding how can, for instance, the German people – who are highly educated, very liberal in the classic sense in a western thinking, people – how could they go so crazy, so deep into crazy land that they were doing what they did to the Jews? How could this happen to a civilized people? And this is the explanation for that,” said Dr. Malone.

The voice over for the clip below is extracted from a 25-minute interview, ‘Dr. Malone: Mass Hypnosis Ushers in Totalitarian Regime (Part 1)’, which you can watch HERE.

Dr. Robert Malone: Billions of People Are Affected by This and They Don’t Realise It, 24 November 2021 (13 mins)

If the above clip is removed from YouTube you can watch it HERE.

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