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A study published in October investigated a possible environmental factor in the Covid pandemic: ambient radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication systems including microwaves and millimetre waves.

The study – ‘Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G’ – was published in The Journal of Clinical and Translational Research (“JCTR”), an open access, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary scientific journal.  And was carried out by Dr. Beverly Rubik, with a PhD in biophysics, and Dr. Robert R. Brown, a diagnostic radiologist.

 “SARS-CoV-2 surfaced in Wuhan, China shortly after the implementation of city-wide (fifth generation [5G] of wireless communications radiation [WCR]), and rapidly spread globally, initially demonstrating a statistical correlation to international communities with recently established 5G networks,” the authors of the study wrote. 

“WCR has become a ubiquitous environmental stressor that we propose may have contributed to adverse health outcomes of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 and increased the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, we recommend that all people, particularly those suffering from SARS-CoV-2 infection, reduce their exposure to WCR as much as reasonably achievable until further research better clarifies the systemic health effects associated with chronic WCR exposure.

“Because we are on the verge of worldwide 5G deployment, it is critical to consider the possible damaging health effects of WCR before the public is potentially harmed. 

“5G requires base stations and antennas to be much more closely spaced than previous generations. Plus, satellites in space will emit 5G bands globally to create a wireless worldwide web … The new system therefore requires significant densification … that may dramatically increase the population’s WCR exposure both inside structures and outdoors.”

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum ranges from extremely low frequencies (low-energy) – such as those from power lines – to extremely high frequencies (high-energy) – such as x-rays and gamma rays – and includes both non-ionising and ionising radiation.

Ionising radiation means high-energy radiation that has enough energy to remove an electron from (ionise) an atom. This can damage the DNA (genes) inside of cells, which can sometimes result in cancer, the American Cancer Society says on its website.

“5G is a protocol that will use high frequency bands and extensive bandwidths of the electromagnetic spectrum in the vast radiofrequency range from 600 MHz to nearly 100 GHz, which includes millimetre waves (more than 20 GHz), in addition to the currently used third generation (3G) and fourth generation (4G) long-term evolution (“LTE”) microwave bands,” Rubik/Brown wrote.

Overview on Bioeffects of WCR Exposure

Low-level WCR may disrupt regulation of numerous physiological functions, the study authors wrote. It “has been found to impact the organism at all levels of organization, from the molecular to the cellular, physiological, behavioural, and psychological levels.”

Low-level WCR has been shown to cause systemic detrimental health effects including increased cancer risk, endocrine changes, increased free radical production, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage, changes to the reproductive system, learning and memory defects, and neurological disorders.

Pulsed radiofrequency radiation, such as WCR, exhibits substantially different bioeffects.  The combination of radiofrequency (“RF”) radiation with extremely low frequency (“ELF”) modulation(s) is generally more bioactive.

A preprint of Rubik/Brown’s study was published in January 2021.  Commenting on the preprint editor, author and researcher Makia Freeman wrote: “A new study from January 2021 analyses the close similarities and effects that EMF radiation and Covid have on the human body … it is beyond coincidence that many Covid symptoms match up with many effects of radiation exposure … the study found that many of the so-called effects or symptoms blamed on Covid are identical or remarkably similar to ones caused by wireless radiation.”

Table 1 of Rubik/Brown’s study lists symptoms common to Covid, including disease progression, and the corresponding adverse bioeffects from WCR exposure. And notes: “Although these effects are delineated into categories … it must be emphasised that these effects are not independent of each other. For example, blood clotting and inflammation have overlapping mechanisms, and oxidative stress is implicated in erythrocyte morphological changes as well as in hypercoagulation, inflammation, and organ damage.”


Rubik/Brown concluded that there is a substantial overlap in pathobiology between Covid and WCR exposure. “We propose a link between adverse bioeffects of WCR exposure from wireless devices and Covid-19,” the study authors wrote. 

“Evidence presented here supports a premise that WCR and, in particular, 5G, which involves densification of 4G, may have exacerbated the Covid-19 pandemic by weakening host immunity and increasing SARS-CoV-2 virulence.

“WCR exposure is a widespread, yet often neglected, environmental stressor that can produce a wide range of adverse bioeffects. For decades, independent research scientists worldwide have emphasised the health risks and cumulative damage caused by WCR. The evidence presented here is consistent with a large body of established research. Healthcare workers and policymakers should consider WCR a potentially toxic environmental stressor. Methods for reducing WCR exposure should be provided to all patients and the general population.”

Considering a report published in Oncology Letters in October 2020 we wonder if Rubik/Brown’s advice will be heeded.

The Oncology Letter’s report declared that the evaluation, requested and endorsed by more than 390 scientists and medical doctors, of RF radiation health risks from 5G technology was ignored in a report by a government expert group in Switzerland and a publication from The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (“ICNIRP”).

“Conflicts of interest and ties to the industry seem to have contributed to the biased reports,” the report stated. 

It is important that all experts evaluating scientific evidence and assessing health risks from RF radiation do not have COIs [conflicts of interests] or bias. Being a member of ICNIRP and being funded by the industry directly, or through an industry-funded foundation, constitute clear COIs.  Furthermore, it is recommended that the interpretation of results from studies on health effects of RF radiation should take sponsorship from the telecom or other industry into account. It is concluded that the ICNIRP has failed to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of health risks associated with RF radiation. The latest ICNIRP publication cannot be used for guidelines on this exposure.

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