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60 Tory MPs Vowed To Vote Against Vaccine Passports     – The Expose

Here’s A Full List of Them & A Call To Action

There are now 60 Tory MPs who have been called the “Vaccine Rebels” who have vowed to vote against the Government bringing in vaccine passports.

The Spectator has reported that on Tuesday 14th December, next week, a vote will be held in Parliament on Johnson’s new COVID restrictions to tackle what they are calling the “Omicron variant”.

These restrictions will include vaccine passports for large gatherings, compulsory face masks in more places, and people being asked to work from home when they can.

Jeers in the House of Commons

However, the measure is not as popular with the MPs as the Tory government would perhaps expect. As when the health secretary Sajid Javid introduced the measures in the House of Commons this week he was greeted with jeers and calls for him to ‘resign’ from his own party members.

There is now a growing backbench rebellion against the government’s proposals, with several MPs publicly denouncing the winter restrictions, which they feel are a step too far in a society protected by what Boris Johnson once called the ‘huge wall of immunity from vaccines.

A call to action was seen from Julia Hartley-Brewer who said “Tweet, call and email your MP *TODAY* and demand to know why they aren’t defending our freedom. Do it now. Before it’s too late and also added:

“They’re not “vaccine passport rebels”, they’re “defenders of freedom” and heroes every single one.

Vaccine Passports do Not Work

The Expose reported that the Vaccine Passport will not work and listed four main reasons why this is.

  • The Vaccinated can still be infected with Covid-19
  • The Vaccinated can still spread Covid-19 and infect others
  • The case-rate is higher in the 2/3 dose vaccinated population
  • Scotland enforced Vaccine Passports on October 1st and they’re not working (Source)

Belgians Fight Against the Vaccine Passport

The introduction of the mandatory Vaccine Passport in Belgium since November has also shown that they do not work. Belgium has prohibited access to eat in a restaurant or go to the theatre without presenting a Covid pass, which they call a “COVID Safe Ticket” showing proof of vaccination, a negative test, or a recent recovery from the “virus.”

Since the enforcement began, the “Covid Safe Ticket” (CST)  did not “necessarily increase the vaccination rate, but instead resulted in more coronavirus infections being recorded”, according to microbiologist Emmanuel André (source).

Court Ruled COVID Safe Ticket Illegal

In a court in Wallonia, a region of Belgium ruled a Covid pass unlawful and has fined the district more than £4,000 per day until it stops enforcing it

A court in Wallonia, a region of Belgium, ruled a Covid pass unlawful and has fined the district more than £4,000 per day until it stops enforcing itIn the judgement, the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) in Wallonia was called disproportionate and the court suggested it could breach European law, the Brussels Times reported


In another case the Flemish government has been sued by the Ministry of Privacy – an independent privacy watchdog – over the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) system.

According to the Ministry of Privacy, the CST proves that an individual has been fully vaccinated, recently tested negative or recovered from the virus in the past six months and is currently needed to acquire access to many public spaces in Belgium, from bars to gyms, they argue that this is a disproportionate measure using an unethical tool.

The summons regarding #CovidShitTicket was officially served yesterday!” the organisation announced on its Twitter account on Thursday.

The organisation’s founder Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert stressed that this legal action is not about an anti-vaccination campaign, but about “challenging a measure that constitutes a major privacy violation and can potentially cause serious long-term damage in our society.”

A Call to Action

We too can fight against this disproportionate measure that has shown ineffectiveness for the job we are being told it is would be introduced to do.  The measure is clearly not about protecting the nation’s health. therefore, the enforcement that attempts to further divide society through segregation of the people in medical apartheid, must be stopped.

Below is the full list of Tory MPs who have so far promised or indicated they will vote against the measures next week. If your MP is not on there, why not?

Our MPs are there to serve their constituents, they are and are paid to be our voice in the House of Commons.  At present, it looks as if Johnson will need Labour’s support to pass his measures. (Source), however, if only 60 MPs vote against it next week it won’t be enough to fight against it.  

The List so far of the “Defenders of Freedom“:

1. Steve Baker

2. Ben Bradley

3. Brendan Clarke-Smith

4. Graham Brady

5. Philip Davies 

6. Richard Drax

7. Simon Jupp

8. Stephen McPartland

9. John Redwood

10. Greg Smith

11. Dehenna Davison

12. Marcus Fysh

13. Gary Sambrook

14. Pauline Latham

15. William Wragg

16. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown

17. Iain Duncan Smith

18. Christopher Chope

19. Craig Tracey

20. Robert Syms

21. Anthony Mangnall

22. Greg Clark

23. Esther McVey

24. Liam Fox

25. David Davis

26. Mark Jenkinson

27. Alicia Kearns

28. Mark Harper

29. Darren Henry

30. Steve Brine

31. Craig Mackinlay

32. Simon Fell

33. Andrew Bowie

34. David Warburton

35. Siobhan Baillie

36. David Jones

37. Tom Randall

38. Ben Spencer

39. Andrew Rosindell

40. Charles Walker

41. Douglas Ross

42, Karl McCartney

43. Anne Marie Morris

44. Johnny Mercer

45. Tom Tugendhat

46. Richard Fuller

47. Giles Watling

48. Desmond Swayne

49. Andrew Bridgen

50. Andrew Lewer

51. Christian Wakeford

52. Adam Afriyie

53. Julian Sturdy

54. Peter Bone

55. Chris Grayling

56. Chris Green

57. Tim Loughton

58. Tracey Crouch

59. Miriam Cates

60. Jackie Doyle-Price

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