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Israel Says Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shots Will Be Needed FOREVER – The Expose

Pfizer is testing a 3rd booster shot to bolster its COVID ...

In Israel, the Health Ministry (IHM) has warned that citizens must prepare for an endless lineup of Covid-19 vaccines and booster shots.

The country is already on the verge of approving its fourth mandatory booster jab, however, IHM vaccination advisory committee member and deputy chief of Israel’s largest hospital Professor Arnon Afek is saying that a fifth, sixth, and seventh shot – followed by an endless number of injections after that – is set to be next on the agenda.

Afek announced: “Those who think we won’t need to take more boosters are wrong. We will need to take the 4th shot, the 5th shot, the 6th shot, the 7th shot.”

The Professor continued, stating: “As long as the pandemic continues in places like Africa, where only a few are vaccinated, new variants of COVID-19 will develop and the need to protect against them with vaccines, will continue.”

As the Omicron variant has arrived, Israel is now increasing their tyrannical measures to try and keep citizens panicked and ensure that they comply with restrictions and vaccinations for a cold that only affects the fully vaccinated.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla appears to be ecstatic about the announcement, showing that it appears that he is colluding with the Israeli government to force his company’s shots on Israelis.

So far, Pfizer has made billions through their vaccines whilst managing to evade any responsibility associated with side effects caused by their jabs.

Although, according to Bourla, there is a “need” for people to get “annual revaccinations,” i.e, a reason to continue making money out of the jabs and those who submit to them.

Despite that many people are falling ill after Pfizer’s vaccines, often through making people more infectious – thus spreading Omicron and other variants – Bourla and the Israeli government are demanding that the population line up to get as many shots as they are ordered.

Pfizer is set to roll out a three-dose “booster” injection series specifically for the Omicron variant that will be available in a few months.

The problem is that the agenda will only continue if people comply and line up to get the booster shots. It ends when people say no more and stand against medical tyranny.

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