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As Many As 123,000 NHS, Health and Social Care Staff May Choose to Resign Rather Than Take the Jab – The Expose

Earlier today, Steve Baker, Member of Parliament (“MP”) for Wycombe, tweeted an image of an Impact Assessment on the health care’s work force if Covid injections were made a condition of deployment in health and care providers.  The Assessment is dated 12 November 2021.

“While it is uncertain how many and when workers may choose to leave their jobs rather than have a vaccination, our central estimates are of around 88,000 (73,000 workers in NHS, 15,000 in independent health sector) and 35,000 workers in domiciliary care and other care services having not fulfilled the conditions of deployment by the end of the grace period, with a range of between 62,000 to 115,000 in health in the low and high scenario ranges,” the Impact Assessment stated.

A copy of the image tweeted by Steve Baker MP is below:

Sajid Javid, MP for Bromsgrove and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, announced on 9 November that mandatory Covid injections will be introduced from 1 April 2021 for NHS and social care staff including: doctors, nurses, dentists and domiciliary care workers.  It also applies to ancillary staff, for example porters, and receptionists who may have contact with patients but are not involved directly in their care.

Making a Covid update statement in the Commons, Mr Javid said: “Having considered the consultation responses, the advice of my officials and NHS leaders including the chief executive of the NHS, I have concluded that all those working in the NHS and social care will have to be vaccinated,” GB News reported.

The next day Javid admitted that NHS mandatory vaccines would add to worrying staff shortages as an estimated more than 70,000 healthcare workers could refuse to comply.

According to the Impact Assessment two days later, the higher estimate was 123,000 and “a reduction in the number of health and social care staff may lead to reduced or delayed services.  The health system is currently under pressure due to the pandemic with an elective waiting list of 5.72 million … If a proportion of staff decide to leave the NHS, this would put pressure on NHS services.”

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