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Austrian Official Wants to Financially Punish Unvaccinated Citizens for Failing to Comply – The Expose

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Image: Austrian bureaucrat wants to financially punish unvaccinated citizens for non-compliance

Gerrit Loibl, vice president of the Lower Austrian Medical Association, has announced a new means of punishing the unvaccinated: A monthly tax.

According to reports, Loibl is urging the Austrian government to fine all Austrians who refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine up to €100 per month (£85).

The proposed tax is based upon Austria’s current tax on tobacco products because Loibl believes that not polluting your body with spike proteins and a multitude of unknown ingredients – including graphene oxide – is the same thing as smoking.

Loibl made his announcement just after Austria became the first Western country to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for all citizens in the country. Those who fail to comply with the new measures will be forced out of society in February 2022 through tyrannical restrictions, including being unable to access most venues and places in public.

Breitbart News reported: “The proposed monthly fines would be part of Austria’s already announced vaccine mandate for all residents that is scheduled to begin in February of next year.”

Additionally, Austria is also imposing a number of lockdowns that it claims will help reduce the rising infections.

The mainstream media claims that the coronavirus infection rate has reached the highest level since March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic.

Austria imposed its exclusive lockdown for the unvaccinated on November 15th, which has been enforced through police spying on people’s homes and ordering citizens to show proof of vaccination. The lockdown has been set to last a maximum of 20 days, however, the mandate will soon come into effect and make life much worse for the unvaccinated.

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