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UK MPs Vote In favour of Mandatory Vaccinations for NHS Frontline Workers – The Expose

Votes took place in the House of Commons this evening 14th December 2021, on the coronavirus Plan B restrictions for England.

COVID vaccinations are now to be made mandatory for frontline NHS staff, after 385 MPs voted for and only 100 voted against, making it a majority vote of 285 votes in favour.

Although the results were anticipated to an extent, it is still astonishing to realise that the majority of our MPs do not support body autonomy or feel it is necessary to adhere to the principles of the Nuremberg Code.

The introduction of “COVID Passes

Another contentious issue was the COVID passes which were approved by MPs with a 243 majority; 269 voted for and 126 against the new rules, however, a significant 98 Tory rebels voted against the motion, which effectively means that individuals will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter some venues.

However, the COVID pass will not apply to the MPS in the House of Commons.

Despite the fact it will cause discrimination and segregation in the unvaccinated section of society, the majority of MPs who are paid to serve us voted it through. Surprisingly, the move was supported by the Labour leadership and opposed by the Liberal Democrats and many Conservative backbenchers.

The motion on the scrapping of self-isolation rules for the fully vaccinated contacts of COVID cases passed without a division. Additionally, a vote on the expansion of face-covering rules to most indoor spaces in England was passed with a 400 majority with only 41 against (source).

A Cry Of Pain” From The Tories

Sir Charles Walker, vice-chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee, said the rebellion by Tory MPs over Covid passes was a “cry of pain” by the party.

He told BBC News: “This was just a bridge too far. I think they were putting a marker down. It was a cry of pain from the Conservative Party.

“He (Boris Johnson) is in a very, very, very difficult position. There has been a strong view within the Conservative Party that vaccine passports do not work and is not something many colleagues wanted to see introduced.

“This is a very, very specific line being drawn in the sand now and I think the Prime Minister and his team need to listen.” (source).

Find out which way your own MP voted: Here

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