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The Scientific Tyranny is Permanent, Totalitarian and it’s nearly here, it’s up to us to stop it – The Expose

Hosted by UK Column, last week Doctors for Covid Ethics (“D4CE”) held their second symposium, “Sounding the Call.” The symposium comprised 15 experts in science, medicine, finance, media, and the law who spoke as they should – freely and honestly.

In the second session of Symposium II Dr. Mike Yeadon explained why the Covid injections do not work and why they are not safe.  He also issued warnings about the objectives of the looming vaccine passport schemes. 

Dr. Yeadon needs no introduction.  He has become a well-known champion for honest science, speaking out against Covid injection harms and vaccine passports for over a year.

Before the second session of the symposium began, Prof. Palmer wrapped up the first session by posing the question, with reference to Prof. Arne Burkhardt’s earlier presentation, whether it was plausible that death was due to the “vaccine” if a person dies six months post-Covid injection.

He explained that a recent study showed the spike protein could be detected, at least, four months after the second Covid injection.  “That makes it plausible that inflammatory, autoimmune-like disease does still occur this prolonged time after vaccination,” Prof. Palmer said, obviously more autopsies are needed – families, doctors or anyone who is a position to request an autopsy should do so.

He concluded Session I by reiterating Dr. Carsten Stümke’s request that ophthalmologists, who are able to get a direct view of the condition of the blood vessels, examine eyes of people post-Covid injection.  The retina is a perfect place to observe the health, or the disease, of the micro-vascular channels, Prof. Palmer said.

Catherine Austin Fitts opened Session II and introduced Dr. Yeadon.

Over the last few months, the UK has been “surrounded” by coercive practices for vaccines, introduction of vaccine passports and discussion of mandates.  “[Boris Johnson] is a liar along with all the scientists and medics advising the government,” Dr. Yeadon said. 

Dr. Yeadon is a “big fan” of innovative new medicines provided they are well developed, safe and used appropriately.  “These novel gene-based creations are at the very best, rushed,” Dr. Yeadon said, it did not need to be rushed as “no-one has ever turned off an [new] infectious disease pandemic using a vaccine.” 

There are some really good, well understood, old, off-patent medicines that have been repurposed for various components of the disease called Covid-19, he explained, “we have good treatments, they are really good.”

Most people who get Covid are not seriously ill, the “killing power” is similar to seasonal influenza so “you were lied to.”  If you caught the virus and were ill, fought it off, then you have “one and done” immunity.  Once you have fought off the virus you have formed an extremely good, natural immunity which is complete and durable.

“So, we didn’t have to have vaccines.  At any point we could stop using these things and go to Plan A which is treat appropriately and then recognise that once, and only the once, it goes through a person they can’t get ill again,” Dr. Yeadon said, highlighting that “it is dangerous to vaccinate someone who has recovered from the disease.”

So where are we now?  “All round Europe we are either one-minute-to-midnight or two-minutes-to-midnight because they’re introducing vaccine passports,” Dr. Yeadon warned.  The only argument for a vaccine passport is if the Covid injections reduced transmission of infection to others – they do not and this is not in dispute.  Both Sage and the UK government have said that those who have had Covid injections can infect others and “catch Covid.” 

Vaccine passports are not about public health it is a totalitarian control system covering every aspect of our lives and it’s permanent – scientific and technical tyrannies never go away.  “Don’t tolerate them [vaccine passports] anywhere in your country.  The system will form itself and I cannot see a way of removing them,” Dr. Yeadon said.

Politicians and religious groups, for example, will not stop this – it’s up to us, Dr. Yeadon urged, “the scientific tyranny is permanent, totalitarian and it’s nearly here.”

Dr. Mike Yeadon: 2 minutes to midnight: where are we now? An Interdisciplinary Symposium II – Sounding the Call,
10 December 2021 (20 mins)

The Symposium II “Sounding the Call” program details, as well as short biographies of the participants, can be found HERE and you can watch the full 4-hour symposium HERE.  Dr. Yeadon’s presentation begins at 1:11:01.

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