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University of California, Irvine Professor Suing School Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate – The Expose

Pictured: Dr Aaron Kheriaty, professor of psychiatry and director of the UCI Health Medical Ethics Program at the University of California, Irvine (UCI)

A professor at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), is suing the school over its implementation of a Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Dr Aaron Kheriaty, a professor at the university, said that at first, he did not suspect anything strange going on. He said that over time he noticed a clear pattern of behaviour from public health officials that were steering away from traditional medical ethics.

The professor stated that the biggest red flag to him was the fact that there was this sudden, huge push for everyone to get vaccinated, including those with minimal risk of infection. All of a sudden, the pandemic became about compliance rather than keeping the public safe and healthy.

Rather than staying silent about what he was witnessing, Dr Kheriaty decided to speak up, and as a result, UCI punished him with a suspension.

Dr Kheriaty, who is a professor of psychiatry and director of the UCI Health Medical Ethics Program, said: “I had to stand up and try to do something about it.

“I knew that I would wake up in the morning and not have a clear conscience” if he did nothing about it, he added.

Additionally, Kheriaty revealed that he and his family all contracted Covid-19 last year, based on test results that they received. Everyone who tested positive recovered quickly and none had to be hospitalised.

“It was, for me, actually a very liberating experience afterwards because I didn’t have to worry about the illness anymore,” Kheriaty explained. “I knew the science on natural immunity.”

Of course, medical establishments and experts around the world now deny the existence and science behind natural immunity to further the vaccine agenda. However, Kheriaty stated that he knew the truth of the matter.

“I knew that at that point, I was among the safest people to be around,” Kheriaty added about the natural immunity he obtained post-infection. “I didn’t have to worry about transmitting the infection to my patients.”

However, the professor still complied with his hospital’s mask mandates and other covid guidelines but knew that the whole time he was not a risk to others.

Although, as soon as the vaccine mandate was introduced, that is where Dr Kheriaty drew the line: Enough was enough.

As a result of the mandate being introduced at UCI, the professor felt that he had no option other than to sue the school since he was not willing to comply with the medical tyranny.

“What kind of discriminatory policies do we have in place that are excluding someone like me from the workplace when I’m 99.8 percent protected against reinfection whereas someone who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, by the company’s own data that they submitted to the FDA, is 67 percent protective against COVID infection?” Kheriaty wants to know.

After researching data surrounding infection and vaccines, he decided that he would not be complying with the vaccine mandate. Now, the professor is committed to fighting for medical freedom on behalf of everyone else.

You can watch the interview with Dr Kheriaty here:

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