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Yahoo carried this headline relating to an article in ‘People’ magazine: ‘Man dies after his family can’t find a hospital bed – they blame unvaccinated Covid patients’.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

But anyone who bothers to read down to the 9th paragraph in the story below the headline finds this quote from the son of the dead man: ‘Who was in those beds? If it’s people who are unvaccinated with Covid then that’s the part where it really hurts’.

‘If’, he said.

But the ‘if’ part of the quote was omitted because without it the quote could be turned into propaganda.

If the thousands of well-paid fact checkers monitoring online stories were truly independent and gave a damn about the truth they’d leap on that.

But they don’t and they won’t.

Still, share this story around as much as you can.

It is a perfect example of how news is turned into propaganda.

Brits will, on Average, Live Nine Months Less

In May 2020 I warned that deaths from the lockdowns and resulting closure of health care services would far exceed the number of deaths from covid-19.

And it quickly became clear that this warning was entirely justified.

Now there is evidence showing that the average Briton can expect nine months less because of the absurd and unnecessary closure of services by GPs and hospitals.

Delayed diagnoses and delayed treatment for cancer and heart disease are the cause of the fall in life expectancy.

How do I know this?

Because financial analysts report that pension providers are expected to gain £7.4 billion in profits over the next five years – as a direct result of the lower life expectancy.

A fall in life expectancy will, of course, fit in perfectly with the aims of those promoting Agenda 21.

Covid Facts

  1. The average GP in the UK will earn an annual bonus of £50,000 to £100,000 for ignoring medical ethics, their responsibilities to patients and the principle of informed consent – and giving experimental covid jabs to their patients.
  2. A new poll proves that those not having the jabs are the intelligent, well-educated ones. Most of those refusing to be jabbed have college degrees.
  3. Nearly two thirds of the un-jabbed insist that they will definitely not receive a covid jab.
  4. Norway has banned the sale of alcohol because of omicron. (It is, in reality, part of the global warming fraud.)
  5. The omicron ‘epidemic’ is driven by young jabbed people – according to studies conducted in the UK, Denmark and South Africa.
  6. A study shows that the equipment used to measure body temperature from a few inches away is often dangerously inaccurate – ‘as much use as a doughnut’.
  7. The un-jabbed in Lahore cannot buy fuel at petrol pumps, shop inside malls or ride on a city bus. Welcome to the reality of social credit.
  8. One in four people who has a cold has tested positive for covid.
  9. The UK Government confirms that four out of every five covid-19 deaths in England since August 2021 were individuals who were fully jabbed.
  10. Zinc has again been proved to provide protection against covid and flu.

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