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Sky News was revealed to be meddling with the truth about Olympic gold medalist Szilveszter Csollany, who recently died post-Covid-19 vaccination.

The 51-year-old Hungarian, who was the rings champion in the 2020 Sydney Olympics, was admitted to the hospital in December 2021 after supposedly expressing “anti-vaccination views on social media.”

After Csollany later died after many weeks on a ventilator in the ICU, Sky News and other big mainstream media outlets took the opportunity to blame the Olympic champion’s death on his refusal to get vaccinated. However, the only problem is that Csollany did get the jab because he had no other choice if he wanted to continue his career.

Despite having reservations about getting vaccinated, the champion was forced to get vaccinated or lose his career. Tragically, Csollany passed away shortly after getting the jab.

Infowars reported: “Sky News decided not to include this pretty crucial fact in either the headline or on their front page, which merely stated ‘anti-vax Olympic gold medalist dies of coronavirus,’ again suggesting his failure to get vaccinated was a factor in his death.”

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time that the mainstream media has lied about the pandemic and pointed blame towards anyone who refuses to get vaccinated.

Sky News has been particularly frequent with their lies ever since the beginning, such as their reporting of the so-called “climate lockdown” in India.

A Sky News broadcaster claimed at the time that the idea of a climate lockdown was fake news invented by “conspiracy theorist” covid deniers, even as an actual climate lockdown was simultaneously being announced in India.

One of the worst lies that the mainstream media has touted throughout the pandemic is the safety of vaccines. To encourage more people to get the experimental jab, they love to report that the injections are completely “safe” and “effective” whilst completely ignoring the countless numbers of people who have been left injured or who have died post-vaccination.

Csollany’s death is tragic and sadly could have been avoided if he had refused to get vaccinated, yet it is another case where blackmail and the threat of job loss are simply too much.

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