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Will the real US President please stand up? – The Expose

Presidential Impersonator Biden does not have the authority either to choose a question or to answer it without a script. Jen Psaki does have both of those authorities. So it is obvious that Psaki is above Biden in the non Biden white house administration. 

By a concerned reader

It is equally obvious the Joe Biden is not the true President of the US. It is apparent, from his many senior moments, that he does not have the intellectual capacity to be the commander in chief of the US armed forces. If he cannot fend off a question from a journalist, then neither can he repel a military adversary.

This is the most obvious democratic fraud I have seen in my life and nobody treats it as such. I am not talking about the vote rigging fraud of the 2020 US election. I am talking about a hidden president who did not get one vote. 

The true President of the United States, whoever he or she is, is the most obvious electoral fraud in the history of democracy. They did not even stand for election.

Why has this hidden president not been impeached on those grounds?

The democratic party should be taken to court and forced through the disclosure process to inform the US public who the real president actually is. 

Then that president should be impeached for failing to stand in the 2020 presidential election and for getting no votes and yet engineering a presidency for themselves and for democratic treason.


World leaders are no longer taking Biden seriously because they do not want to speak to the monkey. They want to speak to the organ grinder. But they have no idea who is grinding the organ (if you will pardon the metaphor).

The abandonment of thousands of US citizens and billions of dollars of high spec military equipment in Afghanistan was not a mistake. It was a deliberate act of treason by a clandestine president who is anti American and anti democratic and almost certainly a globalist plant. I mean how do we know he or she is even American? 

The abandonment of the fully functional weapons grade biolabs in Ukraine is a second very similar act of treason that has now established a pattern of behaviour. The guy at the top is deliberately trying to screw America in every way imaginable. .

VICTORIA NULAND: Ukraine has a biological research facilities, which, In fact, we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of. So, we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach. – https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-we-have-right-know-this 

Instead of leaving 85 billion dollars of military hardware behind in Afghanistan, they left all their bioweapons behind in Ukraine. Why were these labs not dismantled or neutralised not by the Ukrainians post invasion but by the Americans pre invasion? Was it because the non Biden administration wanted Putin to invade and find them? These labs must breech agreements with Russia about not putting WMDs in Ukraine. It puts Ukraine into a Cuban Missile Crisis situation, which could well justify the military action we have seen by Russia to remove that threat. Although Russia did not cite those labs as its pretext for invasion.

So who is this democratic fraud, this military fraud, this anti American assassin, this globalist plant, this snake on Air Force One?

It cannot be it Kim Jong Un, no missiles have been fired
It cannot be John Cleese, the administration has no sense of humour at all
It cannot be Kim Kardashian, the white house decor is way to cheap
It could be the CEO of Dominion. Nobody voted for him, but that did not stop him getting all the votes.
It could be Rachel Madcow – if the workload of holding down one job at MSNBC and another at the Whitehouse proved too much for her?
It could be Klaus Schwab: He did say that the WEF had penetrated every administratioin.
It could be Putin actually. Everything the non Biden administration has done so far has been to his military advantage. Or maybe Putin is in fact the US Defence Secretary?

I mean this situation gives us all an unprecedented opportunity to see behind the veil. Every US president, and every British Prime minister is to some extent a puppet of various undemocratic actors (intelligence services, billionaires, mega corporations etc). How much room they really have to operate has never yet been revealed. But Biden is the most transparent puppet there has ever been. You can see the hand that is operating him. We just have not yet seen the face.

So by investigating him we could discover a level of fraud which has been in existence for decades.

Every US congressperson is unfortunately a conspirator in this zero vote Presidential fraud. ALL OF THEM. They are all alike pretending that Biden in the President when it is obvious to anyone with more than two unvaccinated brain cells that he is not. That is a fraud. Congress needs to step up and clean house.

The entire administration needs to be impeached after the true president is revealed. This present democratic administration is making a total mockery out of the US constitution, US democracy and US government. In fact any journalist who attends a white house press briefing and fails to ask Psaki: Who is the real president and asks instead what is the Biden administration doing about this or that, is condoning this fraud.

The vote counting fraud, endemic to the 2020 presidential election, is hard to prove. This puppet fraud on the other hand, could not be easier to prove and it is ongoing. Every day that Biden pretends to be the US president is another day of outright blindingly obvious electoral fraud. How long are Politicians and Journalists going to be willfully blind to it?

If we fail to address it, then whoever this guy is, may succeed in achieving his goal, which looks to me like being to destroy the US by any means possible and in particular by WW3.

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