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PayPal has just “defunded” The Exposé for a 2nd Time; they’re trying to control your choices and shut us down – The Expose

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The Expose has just had its account terminated by PayPal for a second time because PayPal wants to control your choices and tell you which organisations you may and may not support.

The Expose is 100% funded by its readers and therefore your support is vital to us being able to bring you the facts the mainstream refuse to. This means PayPal’s decision has thrown a huge spanner in the works for the continuing existence of The Expose.

We urgently need your help to fight back against the heavy hand of censorship by beating them at their own game. Instead of ignoring, fearing or abandoning the information that is being targeted with censorship, you should use censorship as a cue or guide that you should delve more deeply into the topic at hand to reveal the underlying truth.

Thankfully you can still support The Expose via other means (for now), and because of PayPal’s unjust decision and censorship we now need that support more than ever.

Please help us to fight back against Big Tech and the censorship by choosing your preferred method to support The Expose below –

PayPal de-funding The Expose should of course come as no surprise when ‘The Vanguard Group’ and ‘Blackrock’ are the first and second largest owners of PayPal.

The Vanguard Group “coincidentally” happens to also be the largest shareholder of Twitter.

Powerful forces are at play, and Big Tech is among them, working to suppress, discredit and silence certain science, speech and viewpoints.

PayPal terminating any organisation that opposes the official narrative is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Big Tech and its censorship of the information you see daily on the Internet. Efforts to shut down public discussions and information are in full force, while Big Tech is also actively manipulating what you can and can’t see online, to the extent that they can alter perceptions of reality.

Because we are 100% funded by you
we urgently need your support
to keep The Expose online.

If every single one you reading
this supported us today no matter
how large or small a donation then
The Expose could keep bringing you
the facts the mainstream refuse to
for at least another year.

It’s secure, quick, and easy…

Please choose your preferred
method to show your support

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